70+ Scottish Last Names, Their Gaelic Meanings, And Pronounciations

70+ Popular Scottish Last Names That’ll Make You Want To Get A Kilt

December 9, 2019 Updated September 28, 2021

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Scottish last names are a great insight into the country’s rich history. Similar to Irish last names, their origins began with the Gaelic clan system that reigned the land. So there’s overlap between each country’s traditional surnames, but you can usually tell the differences by slight spelling variations. Scotland is more than its unique names, though. It is also a country dedicated to wisdom, justice, integrity, and compassion. It is filled with different nationalities and cultures and is socially committed to fairness and equality. In Scotland, diversity is considered a strength within their culture. In modern Scotland especially, they consider themselves to be a multi-belief and cultural country. The people of Scotland value respect for others and different practices and beliefs. Kindness and politeness are key to their social expectations as well.

Socially, Scots are considered very friendly, and humorous banter and sports talk are common. It’s also customary to invite someone over for tea or coffee or bring sweets for home visits. Scotland also has a huge appreciation for literature and graphic and performance art. The ability to tell a good and enticing story is viewed as a skill.

Scotland is clearly the country of positivity vibes only, so if you’ve ever wondered whether your last name has Scottish or Irish roots, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our list of Scottish last names with their Scots Gaelic spellings and meanings.

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  1. MacGavin/MacGowan/Smith
    Scottish spelling: Mac a’ Ghobhainn
    Meaning: Son of the blacksmith.
  2. Brown
    Scottish spelling: Brùn
    Meaning: The color brown, traditionally in reference to someone of dark hair or complexion.
  3. MacNally/MacInally
    Scottish spelling: Mac an Ollaimh
    Meaning: Son of the learned man/son of the master poet.
  4. Clark/MacClery/MacLerie
    Scottish spelling: Mac a’ Chléirich
    Meaning: Son of the clerk.
  5. MacMillan
    Scottish spelling: Maoileanach/Maolanach
    Meaning: Son of the tonsure.
  6. Buchanan
    Scottish spelling: Buchanan/Buchannon/Buchanon
    Meaning: House of the canon.
  7. Walsh/Welsh
    Scottish spelling: Breathnach
    Meaning: Welshman.
  8. Vass
    Scottish spelling: Bhàsa
    Meaning: Generally referring to a servant or serf, or death.
  9. King/MacNee
    Scottish spelling: Mac an Rìgh
    Meaning: Son of the king.
  10. Gordon
    Scottish spelling: Gòrdan/Gòrdanach
    Meaning: Large fortress.
  11. Lennox
    Scottish spelling: Leamhanach/Leamhnach
    Meaning: Elm tree.
  12. Blair
    Scottish spelling: Blàr
    Meaning: Plain or field.
  13. Lees
    Scottish spelling: Lìos
    Meaning: Fields or pasture.
  14. MacGill
    Scottish spelling: Mac a’ Ghoill
    Meaning: Son of the stranger.
  15. Roy/Macanroy/Macinroy
    Scottish spelling: Mac an Ruaidh
    Meaning: Son of the red-haired.

    Scottish surnames, animated princess wakes up
  16. MacCabe
    Scottish spelling: MacCàba/Mac Aba
    Meaning: Son of the helmeted warrior or son of the abbot.
  17. Stewart
    Scottish spelling: Stiùbhart
    Meaning: Warden of the hall.
  18. Wallace
    Scottish spelling: Ualas
    Meaning: Foreigner or Welshman.
  19. Monroe/Munro
    Scottish spelling: Rothach
    Meaning: Man from the River Roe.
  20. Cowan/MacCowan
    Scottish spelling: MacCòmhain/MacEoghain
    Meaning: Son of the yew tree.
  21. Hunter
    Scottish spelling: Mac an t-Sealgair
    Meaning: Son of the hunter.
  22. Fletcher
    Scottish spelling: Mac an Fhleisteir
    Meaning: Arrowsmith.
  23. MacMaster
    Scottish spelling: Mac a’ Mhaighstir
    Meaning: Son of the cleric/master.
  24. Gillies
    Scottish spelling: Gilios/Gill’Iosa
    Meaning: Servant of Jesus.
  25. Brodie
    Scottish spelling: Brothaigh
    Meaning: Muddy place or steep place.
  26. Cunningham
    Scottish spelling: Coineagan
    Meaning: Rabbit’s home.
  27. Forbes
    Scottish spelling: Foirbeis
    Meaning: Field or district.
  28. MacDuff
    Scottish spelling: Mac Dhuibh/Dubhach
    Meaning: Son of the black-haired.
  29. Currie
    Scottish spelling: Curraigh/Mac’Uirigh
    Meaning: Marshland.
  30. Bowie
    Scottish spelling: Buidheach
    Meaning: Yellow or fair-haired.

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  31. Abercrombie
    Scottish spelling: Abarcrumbach
    Meaning: Confluence of rivers at a bend, or mouth of the bendy river.
  32. Alexandar/Alexander
    Scottish spelling: MacAlasdair
    Meaning: Protector of mankind.
  33. Cameron
    Scottish spelling: Cambeul
    Meaning: Crooked mouth.
  34. Findlay
    Scottish spelling: Fionnlagh
    Meaning: Fair hero.
  35. MacAdam
    Scottish spelling: MacAdam
    Meaning: Son of Adam.
  36. MacAlpine
    Scottish spelling: MacAilpein
    Meaning: Son of Alpin, or son of the blonde one.
  37. MacDougall
    Scottish spelling: MacDhugaill, Mac Dubhghaill
    Meaning: Son of Dougal, dark stranger.
  38. McLeish
    Scottish spelling: Mac Gille Iosa, Gillies
    Meaning: Son of the servant of Jesus.
  39. Ferguson
    Scottish spelling: Macfhearghus
    Meaning: Son of the angry one.
  40. Docherty
    Scottish spelling: O’Dochartaigh
    Meaning: Hurtful or obstructive.
  41. McCaskill/MacAskill
    Scottish spelling: MacAsgaill
    Meaning: Cauldron of sacrifice to the gods.
  42. MacCallum/McCallum
    Scottish spelling: Mac Gille Chalium
    Meaning: Son of the servant of Columbia (with Columbia meaning “dove”).
  43. MacLinktock
    Scottish spelling: Mac Gille Fhiondaig
    Meaning: Son of the servant of Saint Findon.
  44. MacFadyen/MacFadden
    Scottish spelling: Mac Phaiden
    Meaning: Son of little Patrick.
  45. MacFie/McPhee
    Scottish spelling: Mac Duibshithe
    Meaning: Son of Dubshithe (with Duibshithe meaning “dark peace”).
  46. Aird
    Scottish spelling: Àird
    Meaning: Foreigner or Welshman.
  47. Aitchison/Atkinson/Addison
    Scottish spelling: Atzinson
    Meaning: Red earth.
  48. Gale
    Scottish spelling: Gail
    Meaning: A flock of geese.
  49. Gallacher
    Scottish spelling: Gallchobhair/Gallchobhar
    Meaning: Foreign help.
  50. Haggan
    Scottish spelling: Hagen
    Meaning: Youthful one.
  51. Ainsley
    Scottish spelling: Ainsleigh
    Meaning: One’s own meadow, alone, solitary, woodland, or clearing.
  52. Calhoun
    Scottish spelling: Colquhoun
    Meaning: Nook or corner.
  53. Cruickshank
    Scottish spelling: Colquhoun
    Meaning: Bent leg or hook.
  54. Cummins
    Scottish spelling: Cunmin/Cumin/Comyn
    Meaning: Bent or crooked.
  55. Douglas
    Scottish spelling: Dubhghlas
    Meaning: Dark river, water, or grey, green.
  56. Drummond
    Scottish spelling: Drumainn/Druim
    Meaning: Ridge.
  57. Lennox
    Scottish spelling: Leamhnachd
    Meaning: Place of elms.
  58. Bathgate
    Scottish spelling: Bathket
    Meaning: Habitational name from a place in West Lothian.
  59. Abernathy
    Scottish spelling: Abirnethie
    Meaning: Originating from Abernethy in southeastern Perthshire. The surname is of Pictish origin, meaning ‘mouth of the river Nethy’.
  60. Ancrum
    Scottish spelling: Alncromb
    Meaning: Name originating from a place in Roxburghshire.
  61. Harrower
    Scottish spelling: Cliathadh
    Meaning: A person who harrowed cultivated land.
  62. Haxton
    Scottish spelling: Haxton
    Meaning: A name for someone from Lothiam, originally Hawkerton (land owned by king’s falconer).
  63. Acheson
    Scottish spelling: Atkinson
    Meaning: Son of Atkin.
  64. Allaway
    Scottish spelling: Allaway
    Meaning: From a Scottish place name, derived from alla, meaning “wild,” and mhagh, meaning “field.”
  65. Barclay
    Scottish spelling: Barkeley
    Meaning: One’s own meadow, solitary, or clearing.
  66. Bell
    Scottish spelling: Bel
    Meaning: Someone who comes from a family who made bells or rang church bells.
  67. Black
    Scottish spelling: Ciaran
    Meaning: Dark hair or skin.
  68. Blackwood
    Scottish spelling: Blackwode
    Meaning: Someone who is from the Blackwood region of Scotland.
  69. Boyce
    Scottish spelling:
    Meaning: Wood or the last name of a family who lives near the woods.
  70. Bran
    Scottish spelling: Branos or Brana
    Meaning: Raven.
  71. Braid
    Scottish spelling: Braid
    Meaning: People who are from Braid in South Edinburgh.