Ashley Graham Celebrates Reaching 40 Weeks With Twins: 'Made It Full Term'

by Christina Marfice
Theo Wargo/Getty

Ashley Graham posted a triumphant Instagram to celebrate reaching 40 weeks in her pregnancy with twins boys — officially full term

If there’s any celebrity that keeps it real on Instagram, it’s Ashley Graham. And that’s never been more true than now, when the supermodel is pregnant with twin boys and has been documenting every moment, both the ups and the downs, for all her fans to see. Luckily, her latest post is a big win: Graham is celebrating reaching 40 weeks in her pregnancy, which means her twins are officially considered full term.

“made it full term today (40 weeks!),” Graham wrote, alongside a carousel of photos showing her lounging in bed, her enormous baby belly on full display under a bralette, with some moody lighting from the lamp next to the bed.

Moms everywhere will relate to the second photo in the series, which shows Graham with her hand covering one eye as she reclines, looking exhausted and over it. Listen, carrying one baby is hard work — carrying two is a downright feat.

While the twins are now full term and that means they could theoretically arrive at any moment, Graham is embracing the fact that there’s just no knowing when it’ll happen. In her caption, she continued, “due dates are just a suggestion, babies will always come on their birthday.”

We can only commend her for that positive attitude, as most women we know (ourselves included) would be begging those babies to make their arrival into the outside world at this point. But as Graham says, it’ll happen when it happens — and we’re so excited for her and her family, no matter when the babies decide to show up.