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My Spouse Became Polyamorous... And Didn’t Tell Me

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My Husband & I Have Incompatible Libidos. Help!

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My Kid Found My Kink App. What The Hell Do I Do Now?

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My Anti-Depressants Are A Godsend -- But They're Wrecking My Sex Life

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I Cheated. I Liked It. What Now?

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When Do Separate Bedrooms Become Separation?

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Has ‘The Sex Talk’ Become Obsolete?

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No, You Don't Need To Lose The Baby Weight

Even if — and when — that baby is in junior high.


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Sorry But The Post-Baby Sex Drought Is Real

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My Friends Say I'm A Cougar For Dating Younger Men

A 42-year-old single mom is called a cougar for dating a younger man. It feels demeaning, but could it be empowering? Scary Mommy's Ask A MWLTF columnist weighs in.