10 Baby Coloring Pages Almost As Adorable As The Real Deal

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Baby Coloring Pages
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Babies! Babies are squishy, precious, annoying, cuddly, confusing, funny, and smelly humans — and we love them. Chances are your baby loves babies too. Your little one probably adores interacting with their baby sister and brother, making cute faces, talking with them, and even doing some diaper duty. If they don’t have a real-life baby to play with, well, chances are they like to play “Mommy” or “Daddy” and dote on a cute doll. But, hey, if you need to wash their favorite baby doll (or if baby sibling needs a break!), you can just print out our collection of baby coloring pages for your kiddo to go gaga over.

After all, who can blame anyone for being obsessed with babies? They’re full of wonder. They might look like cute little blobs, but they’re actually mini-humans with real feelings and thoughts. There’s so much more to them than their sweetness. If your child has baby fever, then this easy DIY activity is something they’ll definitely enjoy while learning a little more about babies along the way.

With that said, we won’t hold you up any longer. Here are 10 incredible baby coloring pages to share with your kids. And once you finish them, feel free to move on over to our collection of coloring pages for teenage girls, girl coloring pages, and house coloring pages (since no doubt your kid loves playing house, too).

Free Printable Baby Coloring Pages

Baby Page No. 1

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Did you know that baby humans are the only species who smile at their parents? Say with us: D’awwww!

Baby Page No. 2

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A baby can recognize their mother’s voice and hear other sounds at 23 weeks in the womb. It’s no wonder that a mother’s voice is a baby’s favorite sound, since they find it very comforting and reassuring.

Baby Page No. 3

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Babies are pretty high maintenance. They wear at least two outfits a day, need to be changed about 10 times a day, and can go through over 3,000 diapers per year.

Baby Page No. 4

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Babies will lose all the hair they are born with, usually by month four. Then, they’ll grow a new head of hair, which gives you a good view of their cute and enormous heads. And that’s not just an opinion. Babies’ heads are usually one-quarter the size of their bodies!

Baby Page No. 5

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A baby’s poop doesn’t stink! Well, at least not at first. A baby’s first poop is called meconium and is made up of mucus, fluid from the womb, and anything else they digested while inside Mom. Because they don’t have gut bacteria quite yet (which makes poop smell), their poop pretty much smells like roses. OK, maybe not quite… but you get the gist!

Baby Page No. 6

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Babies are born with 300 bones, which is about 94 more than adults. So, what gives? Many of baby’s bones fuse during development. Another cool fact? Babies don’t cry real tears. That’s right — they’re all crocodile tears. That’s because babies start crying around two to three weeks, but tears don’t show up until they’re about a month old.

Baby Page No. 7

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Crawling is an integral part of a baby’s development as it helps with strength and balance. It also develops and encourages the left and right sides of the brain to work together. Not to mention, it’s super cute to watch, right?

Baby Page No. 8

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It’s true — newborn babies sleep a lot. In fact, on average, they’re known to sleep about 5,400 hours in the first year (if Mama should only be so lucky, that is). Considering there are only 8,760 hours in a year, that’s a lot of nap time.

Baby Page No. 9

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Babies are born with an innate sense of rhythm, which probably explains why they love to wiggle and jiggle! Research shows they can respond to music’s rhythm and tempo. Also? Babies are natural-born swimmers. After spending several months in amniotic fluid, babies are born with aquatic instincts. Their heart rates will actually slow down underwater and they know how to hold their breath. Is there anything a baby can’t do?

Baby Page No. 10

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Your baby could smell and taste before they were born, so they will love your natural scent and find it relaxing and reassuring — especially since it doesn’t take much (a light, a sound, an odor) to startle a newborn baby. And speaking of newborns, did you know babies can’t taste salty things until they’re around five months old?

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