Wonderful Word Names Straight From The Dictionary

Wonderful Word Names Straight From The Dictionary

These word names are indisputable proof that sometimes the best baby name book is… the dictionary. That’s right! You can find some of the coolest names hidden among everyday words. The best part about getting your kid’s name out of the dictionary is that if someone doesn’t know how to spell it, you can sassily tell them to look it up! Thankfully, when your child’s name is in the dictionary, it’s usually less of a headache for others to read or spell because they’re familiar with the word. It’s also a smart way to select an uncommon name for your little one. Sure, you can name your kid Emma or Austin (which are absolutely beautiful names), but there might be other kids with the same name. If you’re looking for an alias that starts with the letter J, an encyclopedia gives a chapter of options to choose from, and odds are, your kid’s name will be one of a kind. As a bonus, many word names are unisex, which is awesome when you’re trying to keep things on the gender-neutral side.

Word names encompass everything from verbs to nouns to adjectives and more. Want to name your baby after an admirable trait? Valor or Honesty! Want to name your baby after a profession? Shepherd or Baker. Want to name your baby after nature? Maybe something that reminds you of fall, like Autumn, or something classically outdoorsy, like Arbor. How about strength? Try Tiger. The possibilities are as limited as your largest and heaviest dictionary. (And when you’re done with that, crack open that encyclopedia.)

Just because you’re perusing Webster’s dictionary for a name does not mean you’re going to end up naming your kid “spoon.” The possibilities are literally endless. As a matter of fact, new words are added to the dictionary every year! And because dictionaries are updated annually, pick up an old one to find even more uncommon words/names.

You can name your kid after almost everything, including attributes. Names like Hope, Constance, Mercy, and Faith fall into this category. You can also go with names that are occupations. Trust us, it’s not as odd as it sounds. Your options won’t be limited to words like firemen, assassin, or tax attorney. Names that are also professions include Carter, Hunter, and Parker, which are all very popular choices. Or you can go with nouns, which most names tend to be. Brook, Rose, and Azalea fall into this category.

The point is, if it has a dictionary definition, it can be used as a baby name. Maybe we should have included “Webster” in this list!

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Quotes to Consider

If you’re looking for further inspiration to give your baby one of these vocab-inspired names, consider these wise words by famous figures about the power of words.

“Be mindful when it comes to your words. A string of some that don’t mean much to you may stick with someone else for a lifetime.” — Rachel Wolchin
“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” — Rumi
“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” — Mother Teresa