70+ Popular Russian Last Names/Surnames And Their Meanings

70+ Popular Russian Last Names That Will Make You Want To Visit Moscow

December 22, 2019 Updated January 12, 2022

Russian last names
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Russian last names are common across the globe. In both eastern and western countries, Russian surnames connect families to their Soviet roots. Many of these names refer to an occupation or characteristic, while some contain elements from other languages like Greek and Hebrew.

According to the latest search data available, popular Russian last names and their meanings are searched for over 27,000 times per month. They’re Putin Google to work, one might say. So we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular Russian last names and their Cyrillic spellings. You’ll likely recognize a few, and now, you’ll know the meaning behind them. Pozhaluysta!

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russian last names
      1. Ivanov
        Cyrillic spelling: Иванов
        Meaning: Son of Ivan (God is gracious).
      2. Petrov
        Cyrillic spelling: Петров
        Meaning: Son of Peter (stone).
      3. Sidorov
        Cyrillic spelling: Сидоров
        Meaning: Son of Sidor.
      4. Smirnoff
        Cyrillic spelling: Смирнов
        Meaning: Quiet, peaceful, or gentle.
      5. Volkov
        Cyrillic spelling: Волков
        Meaning: Wolf.
      6. Fedorov
        Cyrillic spelling: Фёдоров
        Meaning: Son of Fedor (gift of God).
      7. Popov
        Cyrillic spelling: Поповv
        Meaning: Son of the priest or pope.
      8. Semenov
        Cyrillic spelling: Семёнов
        Meaning: Son of Simon (God hears).
      9. Mikhailov
        Cyrillic spelling: Михайлов
        Meaning: Son of Mikhail (gift of God).
      10. Egorov/Egorkov/Egonov
        Cyrillic spelling: Егоров/Егоров/Eгонов
        Meaning: Son of Egor (farmer).
      11. Lenkov/Alexeev/Alekhin
        Cyrillic spelling: Ленков/Алексеев/Алёхин
        Meaning: Son of Alexander (mankind’s defender).
      12. Vasiliev
        Cyrillic spelling: Васильев
        Meaning: Royal or kingly.
      13. Nikolaev/Nikolayev
        Cyrillic spelling: Николаев
        Meaning: Nikolay’s which means victory of the people.
      14. Morozov
        Cyrillic spelling: Морозов
        Meaning: Frost.
      15. Stepanov/Stepanchikov
        Cyrillic spelling: Степанов
        Meaning: Son of Stefan (crown).
      16. Novikov/Novikoff
        Cyrillic spelling: Новиков
        Meaning: From the word “novik”, which described a noble teenager in military service from the 16th to 18th centuries.
      17. Kozlov
        Cyrillic spelling: Козлов
        Meaning: Goat.

        russian last names
      18. Pavlov/Pavlishchev
        Cyrillic spelling: Павлов
        Meaning: Small.
      19. Sokolov
        Cyrillic spelling: Соколов
        Meaning: Bird of prey.
      20. Lebedev
        Cyrillic spelling: Лебедев
        Meaning: Swan or an occupational name for someone who delivers swans to the king’s table.
      21. Kuznetsov
        Cyrillic spelling: Кузнецов
        Meaning: A blacksmith or metalworker.
      22. Putin
        Cyrillic spelling: Путин
        Meaning: Someone belonging to the road.
      23. Orlov
        Cyrillic spelling: Oрел
        Meaning: Eagle.
      24. Preobrazhensky
        Cyrillic spelling: Преображенский
        Meaning: From the Christian feast day of the Transfiguration.
      25. Nikitin
        Cyrillic spelling: никитин
        Meaning: Son of Nikita.
      26. Golubev
        Cyrillic spelling: голубь
        Meaning: Dove or pigeon.
      27. Pasternak
        Cyrillic: Пастернак
        Meaning: Parsnip.
      28. Zaitsev
        Cyrillic: За́йцев
        Meaning: Hare.
      29. Vinogradov
        Cyrillic: Виноградов
        Meaning: Grapes.
      30. Belyaev
        Cyrillic: Беляй
        Meaning: White.
      31. Agapov
        Cyrillic: Агапов
        Meaning: Love.
      32. Antonov
        Cyrillic: Антонов
        Meaning: Son of Anton.
      33. Angeloff
        Cyrillic: Ангелофф
        Meaning: Orthodox priest.
      34. Babanin
        Cyrillic: Бабанин
        Meaning: Yin woman.
      35. Balabanov
        Cyrillic: Балабанов
        Meaning: Hawk or falconer.
      36. Turgenev
        Cyrillic: Тургенев
        Meaning: Derived from the name of a noble family in Russia.
      37. Yahontov
        Cyrillic: Яхонтов
        Meaning: A name given to two precious stones: ruby and sapphire.
      38. Abakumov
        Cyrillic: Абаку́мов
        Meaning: Son of Abakum or embrace.
      39. Abdulov
        Cyrillic: Абду́лов
        Meaning: Son of Abdul (servant of God).
      40. Abramov
        Cyrillic: Абрамов
        Meaning: Son of Abram (High Father).
      41. Agafonov
        Cyrillic: Агафо́нов
        Meaning: Kindness or goodness.
      42. Alexeyev
        Cyrillic: Алексеев
        Meaning: Defender in Greek.
      43. Andreyev
        Cyrillic: Андреев
        Meaning: Son of Andrey or Andrew (manly).
      44. Arsenyev
        Cyrillic: Арсе́ньев
        Meaning: Common last name for someone who belongs to Arsenyev, a town in Russia.
      45. Belov
        Cyrillic: Белов
        Meaning: White.
      46. Balakin
        Cyrillic: Балакин
        Meaning: Very talkative.
      47. Balakirev
        Cyrillic: Балакирев
        Meaning: Ceramic workers.
      48. Balandin
        Cyrillic: Баландин
        Meaning: A small crater on the moon.
      49. Baranov
        Cyrillic: Баранов
        Meaning: A lamb or someone who works in lamb breeding.
      50. Barinov
        Cyrillic: Баринов
        Meaning: Son of the boyar.
      51. Belsky
        Cyrillic: Бельский
        Meaning: Someone who hails from the city of Bielsk.
      52. Babin
        Cyrillic: Бабин
        Meaning: Son of an old woman; used to describe a fussy man.
      53. Bocharov
        Cyrillic: Бочаровин
        Meaning: Someone who works with copper.
      54. Borisyuk
        Cyrillic: Борисюк
        Meaning: Wolf or snow leopard.
      55. Artyomov
        Cyrillic: Артёмов
        Meaning: Son of Artyom.
      56. Alekseev
        Cyrillic: Алексе́ев
        Meaning: Son of Alexei.
      57. Bortnik
        Cyrillic: Бортнік
        Meaning: Beekeeper.
      58. Aslanov
        Cyrillic: Асланов
        Meaning: Son of Aslan, lion.
      59. Kalashnik
        Cyrillic: Калашник
        Meaning: Breadmaker.
      60. Galkin
        Cyrillic: Галкин
        Meaning: “Jackdaw.” A word used to describe a thievish or talkative person.
      61. Garin
        Cyrillic: гарин
        Meaning: Guards or guardians.
      62. Genrich
        Cyrillic: Генрих
        Meaning: Heinrich.
      63. Gurin
        Cyrillic: гурин
        Meaning: A patronymic name that derives from Gury.
      64. Gurkin
        Cyrillic: Гуркин
        Meaning: A variant for the name Yuri or Georgi.
      65. Laskin
        Cyrillic: Ласкин
        Meaning: Favor or weasel.
      66. Levin
        Cyrillic: Левин
        Meaning: Lion.
      67. Levitsky
        Cyrillic: Левицкий
        Meaning: “Joined to.”
      68. Lipovsky
        Cyrillic: Липовский
        Meaning: Lime tree.
      69. Litvin
        Cyrillic: Литвин
        Meaning: A Slavic word for residents of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
      70. Lopatin
        Cyrillic: Лопатин
        Meaning: Shovel.
      71. Lukin
        Cyrillic: Лукин
        Meaning: A patronymic word for the name Luká.
      72. Abashidze
        Cyrillic spelling: Абашидзе
        Meaning: Derived from the medieval Georgian noble house of Liparitid-Orbeliani. The name also comes from Abash, an Abyssinian officer.
      73. Aminoff
        Cyrillic spelling: Аминофф
        Meaning: Russian bayors.

Russian Sayings

  1. Without effort, you won’t even pull a fish out of a pond.
  2. It may be crowded, but everyone is happy.
  3. Love is cruel; you could fall for a goat.
  4. If you’re scared of wolves, don’t go in the woods.
  5. If you like to sled, you have to like to drag the sledge.
  6. Don’t go to another monastery with your own rules.
  7. Work’s not a wolf — it won’t run into the woods.
  8. In a quiet lagoon, devils dwell.
  9. You can’t avoid that which is meant to happen.
  10. The eyes are afraid, but the hands are still doing it.