25+ Popular Russian Last Names/Surnames And Their Meanings

25+ Popular Russian Last Names That Will Make You Want To Visit Moscow

December 22, 2019 Updated July 10, 2020

Russian last names
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Russian last names are common across the globe. In both eastern and western countries, Russian surnames connect families to their Soviet roots. Many of these names refer to an occupation or characteristic, while some contain elements from other languages like Greek and Hebrew.

According to the latest search data available, popular Russian last names and their meanings are searched for over 27,000 times per month. They’re Putin Google to work, one might say. So we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular Russian last names and their Cyrillic spellings. You’ll likely recognize a few, and now, you’ll know the meaning behind them. Pozhaluysta!

russian last names
  1. Ivanov
    Cyrillic spelling: Иванов
    Meaning: Son of Ivan (God is gracious).
  2. Petrov
    Cyrillic spelling: Петров
    Meaning: Son of Peter (stone).
  3. Sidorov
    Cyrillic spelling: Сидоров
    Meaning: Son of Sidor.
  4. Smirnoff
    Cyrillic spelling: Смирнов
    Meaning: Quiet, peaceful or gentle.
  5. Volkov
    Cyrillic spelling: Волков
    Meaning: Wolf.
  6. Fedorov
    Cyrillic spelling: Фёдоров
    Meaning: Son of Fedor (gift of God).
  7. Popov
    Cyrillic spelling: Поповv
    Meaning: Son of the priest or pope.
  8. Semenov
    Cyrillic spelling: Семёнов
    Meaning: Son of Simon (God hears).
  9. Mikhailov
    Cyrillic spelling: Михайлов
    Meaning: Son of Mikhail (gift of God).
  10. Egorov/Egorkov/Egonov
    Cyrillic spelling: Егоров/Егоров/Eгонов
    Meaning: Son of Egor (farmer).
  11. Lenkov/Alexeev/Alekhin
    Cyrillic spelling: Ленков/Алексеев/Алёхин
    Meaning: Son of Alexander (mankind’s defender).
  12. Vasiliev
    Cyrillic spelling: Васильев
    Meaning: Royal or kingly.
  13. Nikolaev/Nikolayev
    Cyrillic spelling: Николаев
    Meaning: Literally means “Nikolay’s”, while the name Nikolay means victory of the people.
  14. Morozov
    Cyrillic spelling: Морозов
    Meaning: Frost.
  15. Stepanov/Stepanchikov
    Cyrillic spelling: Степанов
    Meaning: Son of Stefan (crown).
  16. Novikov/Novikoff
    Cyrillic spelling: Новиков
    Meaning: From the word ‘novik’, which described a noble teenager in military service from the 16th-18th centuries.
  17. Kozlov
    Cyrillic spelling: Козлов
    Meaning: Goat.

    russian last names
  18. Pavlov/Pavlishchev
    Cyrillic spelling: Павлов
    Meaning: Small.
  19. Sokolov
    Cyrillic spelling: Соколов
    Meaning: Bird of prey.
  20. Lebedev
    Cyrillic spelling: Лебедев
    Meaning: Swan, an occupational name for people who delivered swans to the king’s table.
  21. Kuznetsov
    Cyrillic spelling: Кузнецов
    Meaning: A blacksmith or metalworker.
  22. Putin
    Cyrillic spelling: Путин
    Meaning: Someone belonging to the road.
  23. Orlov
    Cyrillic spelling: Oрел
    Meaning: Eagle.
  24. Preobrazhensky
    Cyrillic spelling: Преображенский
    Meaning: From the Christian feast day of the Transfiguration.
  25. Nikitin
    Cyrillic spelling: никитин
    Meaning: Son of Nikita
  26. Golubev
    Cyrillic spelling: голубь
    Meaning: Dove, pigeon

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