Madison Basically Demanded Peter Not Have Sex With The Other Women Last Night

by Christina Marfice
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From Bachelor seasons past, we know what happens when contestants bring ultimatums to the table

Well, Bachelor Nation, it’s Fantasy Suite week of one of the most dramatic seasons we’ve ever seen, and last week’s cliff-hanger episode ending already promised we were in for a wild ride. This week picked up right where last week left off: With Madi pulling Peter aside after the rose ceremony, asking him to talk. From the previews, we already had a pretty good idea of what was coming: It was finally time for her to tell Peter her big secret, that she’s a virgin and saving herself for marriage.

“We’re at the point where it’s really serious and really real… but I don’t know if Peter knows how much I’m struggling with moving to the next level,” Madi explained. “I can’t keep moving forward and continuing this relationship if I don’t get the clarity and peace and confidence that I need. I don’t know. I don’t know how he’s going to respond to it.”

But surprise, Bachelor fans! Madi didn’t actually tell Peter that she was a virgin. Instead, she used that sideline chat to issue him a surprising ultimatum.

“Next week if you were to sleep with someone else it would be really hard for me to move forward in this,” she told him.

A visibly confused Bachelor Peter asked, “If I were to spend the night with someone else, that’s not something you could do? I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me right now. Do you want me to end this all? I feel like it’s not necessarily fair to the relationships I have in there.”

“I don’t want to tell you yes or no,” Madi replied. “In no way do I want to give you an ultimatum or tell you what you can or can’t do. But for me, actions speak louder than words.”

She may not have wanted to give Peter an ultimatum, but that sure sounded like an ultimatum to us. And anyone who’s watched The Bachelor knows how ultimatums usually work out on this show.

Peter only responded, “OK,” and kissed her cheek, so at the end of their conversation, we really couldn’t tell where his head was at with all this. But in his confessional a few minutes later, he said, “Madi means so much to me. She’s the first person that I expressed that I was falling in love with. But definitely was thrown a curveball… It’s tough being in this position because I don’t have just one relationship right now.”

He also mused that the other two women have said they’re in love with him, but he hasn’t heard that from Madi. Obviously, Pete had some tough decisions ahead. On with Fantasy Suites and all the drama!

It’s important to note that when Madi laid down her ultimatum, she didn’t say she would have a hard time if Peter had sex with the other women. She said she would have a hard time if he spent the night with the other women. So what did these meddling Bachelor producers do? They broke with the tradition of previous seasons and put the final three women into the same apartment together in Australia, ensuring that Madi would know when Hannah Ann and Victoria didn’t come home from their dates until the morning sun had risen. I don’t care what anyone says, these drama-pushing producers have earned the hell out of their bonus checks this year.

I’m sure we can all see where this is going. Windmill Pete lived up to his reputation and, you know, did what Bachelor contestants do in the Fantasy Suites. With Hannah Ann. And with Victoria. Did anyone think for a single moment that he wouldn’t?

Still, it was pretty brutal to watch Madi and Victoria, sitting together in their shared apartment, come to the slow conclusion that Hannah Ann wasn’t coming home… because she and Peter were in bed together. Still cringing, TBH.

When it was finally time for Madi’s date, things seemed to start off OK, considering the week the poor girl had. They took in some amazing views of the Gold Coast of Australia while scaling a 90-story building together, and Peter couldn’t stop gushing about how in love he felt.

But at the dinner portion of the date, the inevitable topic of conversation came up.

“Tonight I want to be as honest about everything as I can be,” Madi said, before finally revealing to Peter that she’s saving herself for marriage. She did add that she didn’t expect others to share her same beliefs in that regard, but that she did expect that at this point in the process (one week before getting engaged), she wouldn’t be able to accept a proposal if Peter had slept with the other women.

“You would want to possibly give up possibly forever with each other because of something that happened this week with another relationship of mine? You would want to walk away from this?” Peter asked her.

There are definitely two sides to this coin. The Bachelor probably isn’t the show to go on if you expect your potential fiancé not to sleep with anyone but you. But also, Madi’s desire to get engaged to someone who didn’t have sex with another woman six days prior to popping the question is far from unreasonable.

Finally, Madi asked Peter about his other Fantasy Suite dates, and he revealed that he had, in fact, been “intimate” with Hannah Ann and Victoria. Madi excused herself from the table, where Peter pretty promptly broke down in tears watching her leave.

“He knew coming into this week because I made it very clear that there was a chance he could lose me if he made certain decisions, and he made them anyways,” a tearful Madi said in her confessional, just before Peter finally got up from the table to come after her.

“I can’t change who I am,” Madi told him. “I can’t change what I believe and what I stand for and what I need. And I don’t want to feel bad for having that.”

Ultimately, the episode ended on another big cliff-hanger. Madi still didn’t know what she wanted to do. There was no rose ceremony. With the Women Tell All special next week and the season finale the week after that, we still have three women left competing for our Bachelor — unless Madi chooses to remove herself from the show. But we won’t know what she decides until at least next week.

In the meantime, we’ll just be here combing through this interview with Peter, looking for clues about what’s going to happen next.

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