The Best Part Of The Holidays? Baking Shows, Of Course!

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There’s so much to love about the holidays. The lights, the decorations, spending time with loved ones. But that’s not even the best part of the holidays. I mean, sure, going to a holiday party is fun, but have you ever had a threesome with your favorite blanket and endless episodes of holiday baking shows?

In fact, holiday cooking and baking shows are in such high demand The Food Network is adding 70% more holiday-themed shows than they did last year.

Can I get a “hell yeah?!”


And it isn’t just the sweet treats either, because it doesn’t get much better than sitting in your pajamas and watching The Great Food Truck Race: Holiday Hustle while chomping on some hot Cheetos. I’m not saying this just because I have a crush on Tyler Florence either, but while I have your attention, get this: this season he’s traveling through New England to find the best food truck, then he’s handing over a prize. It’s suspenseful, idyllic, and there’s money at stake, which equals the best combination ever.

Hold the phone and pass the damn remote — I’m in for the season. And if you haven’t indulged in my favorite holiday pleasure (yes, I left the word “guilty” out because there’s no guilt in watching people bake their ass off using mountains of sprinkles and frosting), I highly recommend you make 2019 the year to do it, and this is why:

1. The Inspiration

Even if you aren’t a baker, you will be inspired to at least go to the grocery store and pick out a prettier cake for your next holiday bash simply because pretty sculptures made of whipped eggs and sugar and held together by icing are what dreams are made of.

You may even call in all your girls for a bake-off of your own, or have that cookie swap you say you’ll host every year. Believe me when I tell you that if you’re looking to be inspired, holiday baking shows will do the trick.


2. It gets kids in the kitchen.

They make a mess, but I literally don’t care. It gets my kiddos off their iPads. They are working together. They get along. I don’t care if my teenager put a penis on his gingerbread man, they are having fun. After watching an episode or two of Kids’ Baking Championship, I can practically see their creative juices flowing out of their eyeballs as they grab for the container of frosting tips and food coloring.


3. These shows can help hone baking skills.

I’ve always been a lover of baking, and I’m also a visual person when it comes to food. (Who the hell isn’t?) But I’ll tell you, after watching one episode of Holiday Wars and seeing how effortless the contestants make throwing a holiday scene together that’s made of cake, I believe I can move mountains and I head right for the grocery store to gather supplies.


I must note, it never really works out the way I envision, but the holidays are fair game when it comes to dreaming and making wishes, am I right? Plus, even if I end up with a pile of spongy cake stuck together with frosting, it still tastes pretty freaking good.

4. It’s like therapy.

Indulging in these shows is a respite for my brain. It frees my mind of all the things I should be doing because I’m so focused on the beautiful creations which make me want to turn my kitchen into a wonderland and order commercial grade appliances.

There have been many nights I’ve watched a show or two and felt mentally recharged because all I can think about is what that sugar-encrusted gingerbread cake is going to do to my taste buds. And I don’t even like gingerbread.


Something about watching how hard the contestants work, how fast they can think of a new plan if their first one doesn’t pan out, and the genuine happiness and teamwork that get thrown around like confetti, makes me realize how delicious life really is.

5. It reminds us of our childhood.

I grew up in the ’80s and ’90s. Back then, people had more time to bake traditional cakes and cookies and would pass them out to neighbors and bring them into work.

There was no Googling these recipes either. Nope. These were the real deal: recipes followed from a recipe card which had been in the family for generations. People took their time and made their cookies and candies with care. Baking is an art, and these shows (Christmas Cookie Challenge being my favorite) reminds us we can express our creativity using sugar, butter, and our imagination.


6. People win money.

Um, hello. Any show where someone gets money for their hard work, whether it’s to open their dream bakery, put their child through college, or go on a much-needed trip, is like a gift in itself. What could be better than presenting judges with something so beautiful and tasty you win lots of dollars for it?

Whether you’re in the need for some festive cheer, like watching friendly competition laced with sugar and spice, or are tired of watching the same holiday movies, trust me when I say holiday baking shows won’t let you down.


So, grab some ‘nog, get cozy, and add watching a shit-ton of these baking shows to your to-do list— you won’t regret it.

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