'Barb And Star Go To Visit Del Mar' Is The Wacky Delight We Deserve

by Cassandra Stone
Lionsgate Movies/Getty

‘Barb and Star Visit Del Mar’ is totally worth the $20 just to watch Jamie Dornan sing and dance

Hi there, do you have Pandemic Exhaustion? Have you hit a wall where you can no longer be productive or read the news without wanting to scream? Of course you do. This is why there’s no better time to cough up $20 and rent Barb And Star Go To Visit Del Mar starring Kristen Wiig, Annie Mumolo, and Jamie Dornan (plus a whole host of famous actors in brilliant cameos).

This movie manages to be utterly insane and also contains some of the best one-liners and dialogue in all of cinema? Plus Jamie Dornan does a complete 180 from his 50 Shades days, and he’s 100x hotter being silly than he is brooding barefoot in jeans.

Wiig and Mumolo star as two best friends and roommates who embark on a grand vacation to a fictional Floridian resort town called Vista Del Mar. It has everything: clamshell beds, midwestern accents, a wild sex romp threesome brought on by hallucinogenic drugs, Reba McEntire as a mermaid named Trish, and culottes. So many pairs of culottes.

Dornan plays Edgar, a henchman who is in love with his boss, an evil villainess (also played by Wiig) hellbent on killing everyone in the town of Vista Del Mar with lab-created mosquitos. Once he arrives, he’s immediately entangled with Barb and Star and utterly struck by their bubbly personalities and Golden Girls haircuts.

Total tomfoolery follows, including a ballad sung by Dornan himself entitled “Edgar’s Prayer.” During the song, Dornan leaps and twirls better than a Broadway veteran as he belts out his number along the beach. It’s a wacky delight that will have you constantly asking yourself, “What am I watching?” every 10 minutes or so, but it’s also the best movie of the year (possibly the decade).

Watching Jamie Dornan shed his fictional Christian Grey alter ego and just give himself wholly to the role of dancing, singing, Kristin Wiig-loving Edgar is an utter delight. Honest to Beyoncé, this role might pivot his career from dark, broody anti-heroes (he’s almost unwatchable in The Fall because he’s so good at being a serial killer) to full-time charming himbo. And once you watch him in Barb and Star, you’ll want nothing more than to see him play this kind of role over and over again.

“I may never be in a job again where I say so many times, ‘Uh, what are we doing?'” Dornan told EW. “‘Like, what is happening here? This is the craziest shit ever put on celluloid.’ We thought it was funny, and we thought if other people find this funny, then we’re maybe we’re on to something here. But there were times where we thought the world would be like, ‘What were you guys smoking in Mexico?'”

And that is probably the best possible summation of Barb and Star without giving anything away.

The entire internet (or at least those who have seen the movie) is basically 100% enchanted with the film.

Barb and Star is like the craziest Adam Sandler movie you’ve ever seen — but actually good. It features a bunch of celebrities popping in and out of a movie written by and starring two real-life best friends (Wiig and Mumolo), with no real discernible plot that’s even remotely believable but is somehow so fun and so funny that you cannot wait to see what happens from one minute to the next.

Sexy Jamie Dornan aside, it’s a movie about true friendship — the person who is there for you through thick and thin, new jobs, new homes, divorce, death, and totally supports you falling in love with a gorgeous henchman at a beach resort and having as much sex as physically possible. Like Star says, “I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times — Barb, you could model for friggin’ Chicos and I’m not just saying that.”

If you’ve found the Star to your Barb when it comes to friendship, count yourself luckier than a pair of evening culottes.