11 Barn Coloring Pages That'll Have You Ready To Hit The Homestead

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Old McDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-E-I-O. And on that farm, he had a cow E-I-E-I-E-I-O. With a moo-moo here and a moo-moo there, here a moo, there a — we’re pretty sure you know the rest. C’mon, you know you’re singing it too! Farm life may not be in your foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the (way too cute) barn coloring pages we’ve got for you. Do you enjoy binge-watching Barnwood Builders (no judgment!) and want to keep your hands busy without resorting to mindless scrolling? Is your kiddo having a farm-themed birthday party, leaving you in need of an activity to keep the young ‘uns corralled? Are you dreaming of future travel that includes photographing Wyoming’s famous T.A. Moulton barn and its breathtaking surroundings? No matter why you went to Google searching for barn coloring pages, we’ve got you covered.

The truth is, there’s something inside us all that yearns for the simplicity of living off the land. If you’re daydreaming about life on the farm, check out our horse coloring pages, cow coloring pages, chicken coloring pages, and pig coloring pages. Or, if your IG feed has been giving you all the wholesome homesteading vibes, try our garden coloring pages and vegetable coloring pages. You and your kids can do an entire agriculture-themed week if you want (we’re lookin’ at you, homeschooling moms). Cap it off by taking a tour of a farm or local homestead — educational and fun!

But for now, enjoy the free printable barn coloring pages below.

Free Printable Barn Coloring Pages

Barn Page No. 1

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Do you know the purpose of a barn? It’s not just a big red building made to look pretty (though if you watch enough HGTV, you might think so — they sure do feature some gorgeous barns!). Barns are buildings set on farms to house livestock, such as horses and cows. They also store grain or house tools. And speaking of livestock, here are some barnyard points you can add to your farmhouse of knowledge: Did you know chickens can make over 200 noises, and pigs are considered the fourth smartest animal?

Barn Page No. 2

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As you might imagine, a wooden barn filled with hay could pose a bit of a fire risk. That’s why in Germany, some villages set hay barns away from residential areas within the inner town. Locals call this area the Scheunenviertel, which translates to “barn quarter.”

Barn Page No. 3

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Texas is the largest producer of cotton in the U.S. and situated right in the middle of the “Cotton Belt” — southern states running from California to Virginia, where most of the nation’s cotton is grown. If all the cotton produced in the U.S. for one year was used solely to make jeans, it could result in a whopping five billion pairs.

Barn Page No. 4

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Have you ever wondered, Why are barns red? It has more to do with function than form. You see, hundreds of years ago, farmers and ranchers needed something to protect their barns from the elements. As they didn’t have the wide variety of modern sealants we do today, they opted for linseed oil, which bears an orange tint. They would then add things like lime and rust to the mix to ward off fungi and moss. The result? A distinctively red coating! And although red is the classic color, some farmers paint their barn black. The dark color helps increase the heat on the inside of the structure, which is great for curing tobacco.

Barn Page No. 5

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While you probably picture something rustic when you think of barns, “smart barns” are growing in popularity. These cutting-edge structures use technology to improve the care of livestock and produce. For example, robots might bring cows fresh food throughout the day or even milk cows through an automated system — the latter of which includes giving the bovines a snack based on how much milk they produce.

Barn Page No. 6

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In recent years, barns have become increasingly popular as wedding venues. Yep, wedding barns are a thing! Celebrities Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford said “I do” in a barn situated in the English countryside.

Barn Page No. 7

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When a barn in the U.S. has a particularly unique historic character, it earns the designation of a “heritage barn.” These cultural landmarks are often listed on the National Register for Historic Places.

Barn Page No. 8

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It’s common to see weathervanes featuring roosters atop barns, which naturally piques curiosity. Why a rooster? Well, this type of weather vane, which is known as a weathercock, dates back to around 590 A.D., when Pope Gregory I declared the rooster to be an official emblem of St. Peter. Then, in the 9th century, Pope Nicholas decreed that all churches must display the rooster on their domes or steeples. The rooster weathervane grew in popularity for this purpose and, ultimately, people outside of the church began using weathercocks as well.

Barn Page No. 9

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Did you know there are different types of barns? They’re characterized by traits ranging from the pitch of their roof to their construction material and primary purpose. Well-known barn types include dutch barns, bank barns, crib barns, round barns, dairy barns, and prairie barns.

Barn Page No. 10

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Another modern barn trend is converting an older barn into a home. Although this has become popular in recent years, it isn’t always an easy process — and, per the government’s Technical Preservation Services, this sort of conversion often fails to preserve the historic character of the structure.

Barn Page No. 11

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Dolly Parton, an American singer, humanitarian, and actress, once said, “I compare myself to a good barn. You can have a good barn, and if you paint it, it looks a little better. But if you take the paint off, it’s still a good barn.” Encourage your kiddo to make this barn a great one by using their own array of colorful paint!

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