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21 Super Fun Farm Games To Make Hay For Any Kid’s Party

November 12, 2019 Updated October 21, 2020

farm games for kids
Matthew Henry/ Burst

You don’t choose the farm life. The farm life chooses you. If your little ones feel called to stack bails and shuck corn, who are you to stop ’em? Make their next party a farm-themed bash and play these fun and silly farm games. Check out our extensive library of fun stuff & activities for both kids and adults here!

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1. Cowboy Hat Ring Toss
Line up a few hula hoops on the yard and let party-goers take turns tossing their hats in the hoops. The further away the hats land in the hoops, the more points they get.

2. Horse Races
Turn pool noodles into horses, then have kids gallop around an obstacle course.

3. Cattle Calling Contest
Who can let out the best cattle call? Consider awarding points for all sorts of categories: silliest, loudest, least effective sounding, etc.

4. Pin The Tail On The Piglet
Just like pinning the tail on the donkey but with more “oink, oink” sounds.

5. Farmer, May I?
Just like “Mother, May I” but with a new leader. Consider making the calls farm-related. “Milk the cow,” bunny hop, walk the fence, etc.

6. Bob for Apples
Apple orchards are technically farms, too.

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7. Tractor Pull
Buy a bunch of mini tractors, set up a race track and see who can zoom their tractors around the fastest.

8. Wheelbarrow Races
Remember doing this at field day? One person holds onto their teammate’s legs and steers them around a track or down a course while the other walks on their hands.

9. Sack Race
These aren’t done very often anymore. But, considering that they were traditionally done using giant potato sacks, we think it should count as a farm game.

10. Barnyard Tag
This is yet another great way to run out all that extra energy. We found a video to explain it.

11. Stable Round-up
Hide tiny plastic farm animals throughout the party. When each kid arrives, give them a container and a list of animals that have “gotten out” of the barn. The goal can be to either complete the list or just find as many as possible.

12. Animal Sounds
Have kids draw animals from a bucket and keep their picks a secret — try to make sure there are 2 or 3 of each animal. When the game begins, they must walk around the room making their animal’s sounds until they find someone else making the same sound. The game is over when everyone is paired up.

13. DIY Farm Dioramas
Once every party-goer has collected their fair share of animals, how about helping them craft their own miniature farms? Supply the little farmhands with shoe boxes, construction paper, fake straw and anything else that might help bring their scene to life.

14. Corn Shucking Contest
Who can shuck the most corn the fastest? This is a great way to get a little help with meal prep. Plus, you already know kids are enthusiastic about anything competitive.

15. Farm Animal Charades
Fill a farmer’s hat with the names of farm animals (or animal crackers or just slips of papers with animals written down). Kids can take turns pulling animals from the hat and acting like the animal while everyone else tries to guess what they are.

farm games for kids
Matthew Henry/ Burst

16. Sheep Herding
Decorate two white balloons to look like a sheep. Divide the kiddos into two groups and have them stand in a line. The first person in line is given a broom and must “herd” the sheep across the room and back before handing the broom to the next person in line. The winner is the one who rotates through the line the fastest.

17. Pigs Are Loose!
Blow up a bunch of pink balloons and use a sharpie to decorate them like pigs. “Release” them into a fenced off area, then let the kids in to try to “catch” as many as possible. If your kids are slightly older, make this harder by implementing a “no hands” rule.

18. Duck, Duck, Goose
This is an old school game that’s a great way to help the kids get out all their energy.

19. Chicken Egg Relay
Have kids divide up into 2 or 3 groups and stand in a line. The person at the front of the line must hold the chicken egg (a white balloon) between their knees. When a whistle blows (or music starts), then must try to pass the balloon to the next person (no hands!). The first team to get their egg to the end of the line wins.

20. Egg And Spoon Race
This is about as country as it gets. Pro-Tip: Consider hard-boiling the eggs, if you don’t want a mess.

21. Stuck in the Barn
Decorate an appliance box to look like a big red barn and cut an entrance and exit. When the music starts, kids can take turns crawling through the box. When the music stops, the kiddo “stuck in the barn” is out of the game.

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