This Is The Best Concealer You'll Ever Find (And It's Under $10)

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Last spring, my daughter looked at me while we were driving in the car one bright, sunny Saturday and told me that after I wash my face at night and take off all my makeup, I look a lot younger. And at 42, you want to hear when certain things make you look younger. If anyone tells you different, they are a lying-liar face.

And while I know my kids are honest about stuff like that, I kind of figured because my face was in the harsh sunlight, she was just seeing my age coming through a bit better than usual.

But after sitting inside a very nicely lit restaurant one evening, my son told me the exact same thing. Damn kids.

The fact they both said it within days of each other, and I had not changed my makeup routine at all, made me think they were actually right. Maybe it was time to ditch my under eye concealer and BB cream?

It did feel like it had started to settle into the fine lines around my eyes.

I have not worn face make up since that night, but it didn’t come easy. I’m a woman who has been wearing concealer and foundation since I was 13. It’s been a security blanket of mine — I am red in my T-zone, and that paper-like skin highlights my undereye veins and bags. I like to minimize those features, if I’m being honest.

Because of a regular routine and some kick-ass skincare products my skin does, in fact, look younger without makeup that settles into my pores and fine lines, something I noticed right away after I stopped applying foundation.

What was happening was my foundation always looked fab in the morning when I first applied it, but as the day went on, it would get all snugly and settle into my fine lines — especially under my eyes. It just took my kids being honest AF to make me wash it away then throw it all in the trash.

But those days are over, because I’ve found a secret elixir and I need to shout it from the rooftop. And no, I’m not being sponsored here. My editor made a recommendation, and I took her up on it and now I’m in l-o-v-e.

If you have not gotten your hands on Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer, you must. Go now. Don’t walk, run. It’s basically the best $10 I’ve ever spent.

Because my skin is pale, I went with the light/pale shade and it was perfect. When you open it up, twist the top in the direction of the arrows just below the sponge. Don’t get impatient like I did, it takes quite a few turns, but you will see the makeup form on the sponge. You don’t need a ton, but don’t fret if you swipe on too much, it blends out beautifully.

The built in sponge and the texture of the makeup give you amazing coverage that’s not cakey at all. It feels so smooth going on, and it stays that way. I wore it all day under my eyes and even used some on my T-zone to see if it would take care of my redness. It did!

I’m telling you, I’ll die if they ever stop making this stuff.


The picture on the left is my bare face. The picture on the right was taken in my car on a sunny day, 6 hours after putting the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer under my eyes, on my chin, and nose. I could not believe my face wasn’t red, which is usually the case.

I checked myself smiling (really hard) in the mirror about a dozen times because I was afraid it would settle into those lines, but it didn’t — it was even kid approved. My children told me it didn’t look like I was wearing any makeup at all, and my “dark undereye half-moons were just gone.” (I have really honest kids.)

Now, that’s what this mama likes to hear. If a $10 bottle of concealer can work wonders in 30 seconds, you bet your ass I’m going to buy it and tell my friends. You’re welcome.

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