Beyoncé Shares Rare Photos Of Rumi, Who Is Her Mini-Me

rumi carter in halls of ivy campaign beyonce daughtersr
(Beyoncé / Instagram)

We just got a rare glimpse of Beyoncé’s younger daughter, Rumi, and she’s already a style icon

Beyoncé likes to keep her private life just that and is selective when she shares photos of any of her children, especially her twins, Rumi and Sir. On December 10, Queen Bey shared three stills from her upcoming Halls Of Ivy collection with Adidas, and they featured her and her two daughters, Blue Ivy (who is already nine, by the way!) and Rumi, 4. The three ladies sport matching houndstooth athleisure outfits, looking all kinds of in charge.

Rumi Carter basically steals the show. Yes, there is no denying that both B and her eldest Blue look glam as always, but fans were very excited to see Rumi make a sartorial debut with the rest of the Carter-Knowles ladies. All three photos are stunning, but there is one in particular that has people talking. The second photo of the series, which features Rumi on what appears to be a very important business call, really sent people. I mean, that pink phone? This girl means business.

Seriously, Rumi’s game is strong. Fans even noted that she must be a hard worker like her mamma, booking a gig while she is already on one.

And aside from the obvious matching outfits, it is hard NOT to see two mini-Beyoncés

Both Blue Ivy and Rumi are spitting images of their mom, and it seems like they are into the idea of matching with mom as often as they can. “My kids are usually on set with me for shoots, and we’d find ourselves putting them in extra-extra-smalls so we could match. So, it is a natural progression to introduce a selection of key silhouettes in children’s sizing,” Beyoncé told Harper’s Bazaar back in August. The family likes to match for vacations, and Beyoncé brought that energy to her latest fashion collection.

While we did catch a glimpse of Rumi in the video campaign for Halls of Ivy at the end of November, it has been a while since Rumi has made a non-paparazzi, Beyoncé-sanctioned public appearance. The older she gets, the more she looks like her big sister and mom.

Rumi’s twin Sir did not make an appearance in the ad, even though the Ivy Park line is considered a gender-neutral brand. Sometimes you just gotta let girls run the world in matching ‘fits. Beyoncé’s Halls of Ivy collection dropped on December 10, so if you also want to match with the Carters, head on over to Adidas and grab some fitness looks before the limited run is sold out.