Beyond Flowers: Some Amazing Gifts To Give (Or Receive) This Valentine's Day

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It’s Valentine’s Day, also know as the day you celebrate the one you love. The Scary Mommy Team put together a list of our favorite items we think moms will enjoy. We’ve included something for every mood, so whether you’re planning a sexy night, want to lounge on the sofa with some wine, or are looking for a perfect gift for your girlfriend, we’ve got you covered.

This also doubles as the perfect wish list — simply email it to you parter, tell them what item (or items) you are hoping for this year or order something up for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with asking for more than chocolates or flowers.

1. Mama Bird T-shirts


The Bee and Fox is my favorite line of t-shirts, like ever. There’s something for every member of the family, including Papa Bird, and they come in a variety of colors and wear like a dream — I have four and my plan is collect them all. And how cute to get a family picture while you all sport your matching shirts?

2. Loopy Phone Case


Loopy cases aren’t just cute, that little loop will save your ass when you’ve got your phone in one hand, and a squirmy kid in the other. Believe me, I know from experience. They are durable, come with a lifetime guarantee and cost only $35. (Our clumsy but adorable editor, with many small children, will never be without one now.)

3. Vino Oh! Winter Box


This amazing box is full of goodies and will ship around Monday, February 5th. It includes 5 full-sized products, including a Mary Square Stainless Steel Bottle, Violet + Brooks Charm Bangle, Glisten Eyeshadow Collection, Lady Jayne Eyemask, Brix Chocolate for Wine, and 2 bottles of wine, all for $49.99, plus shipping. It’s packaged up beautifully, and the perfect gift.

4. UWila Warrior Underwear


Undies can be comfy and sexy — you don’t have to choose. I love how you can wear these all day, not even know they are there, then be ready for some lovin’ later. U Wila silk underwear deliver: They stay in place, the coverage on the bum is perfect, and don’t cut into your sides. Their perfect fit guarantee makes shopping for underwear online easy. If your pair doesn’t fit, they will send you another size or refund your money.

5. Mama Java Coffee


We all love (and need) our caffeine in order to believe in our self most days, and Mama Java not only offers a selection of great coffee (including a “double the caffeine” option), their mugs are on point too. Grab a coffee sampler with one of these bad boys, and you’re all set for gift-giving.

6. Greetabl Box


These Greetabls are so fun, it’s literally a one-stop online shop for personalized gifting. Select your custom print, upload 3 of your favorite photos, select a sweet treat (think: chocolates, face masks, and BFF bracelets), write your personal message, and send it off in a perfectly folded box for your friend to unfold with delight. Ships for $9 and up.

7. Womanizer Plus


If you are going to ask (or treat yourself) to a toy, this is the one. The Womanizer Plus is capable of many things — including making you reach the big O multiple times. It is not a vibrator, this gem creates light suction which feels amazing. It is super quiet and can be used underwater if sexy time in the bubble bath is your thing.

8. Curvy Girl Bliss Honey Dust


If you’re looking to have some fun (the naughty kind), then you will love getting out this body powder made with real honey. It leaves a soft glow on the skin, has a delicate scent, and the application process is flirty and will literally tickle all your senses.

9. Lia Magic Wand


This sensual G-spot massager is one of Curvy Girl’s best sellers for a reason. It’s soft, super quiet, and has 10 functions. You are sure to hit all the right places with this baby.

10.“I Fucking Love You” Wrapping Paper


If you love someone let them know with this “I fucking love you” wrapping paper. It’s flattering, to the point, and who doesn’t want to hear they are fucking loved? They have balloons, too, if you really want to profess your love.

11. Artis Makeup Brush


This versatile makeup brush makes contouring easy. You can apply and blend your foundation and bronzer as its larger, oval shape is perfect for larger areas leaving you with a natural look without the harsh lines.

12. Glossy Box


Gifting someone 5 beauty products that will be delivered to their door and come in a little pink box is the perfect idea for Valentine’s day. Glossy box lets you choose 3, 6, or 12-month subscription plans. The gift that keeps on giving.

13. Get Vine Box


Vine box sources wines you won’t find anywhere else and sends you 3 glasses worth of fine wine each month after taking their quiz. You’re fancy now!

Spread some love this year with the perfect pair of undies, or treat yourself to some beauty products and for fuck’s sake, get that wrapping paper. These gifts will keep giving all year long.

In some cases, editors have received free product for review. Opinions/thoughts are our own. Always.

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