Here Are 6 Reasons Using Bottles With Disposable Liners Made Feeding My Baby So Much Easier

Here Are 6 Reasons Using Bottles With Disposable Liners Made Feeding My Baby So Much Easier

January 31, 2019 Updated January 11, 2021

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Every so often it turns out your mother is right. I love my mother to pieces, but it’s been about thirty-ish years since she had a baby (you know, Me) so I was just a tad skeptical the two of us could figure out my baby registry.

As we moved through the aisles, I was interested in ALL the things and she couldn’t stop commenting on how this was different and that didn’t exist — and how mostly I didn’t need any of it.

Then we hit the bottle display and she honed in and didn’t even scan. She bought.

It turns out that my mom is super-passionate about bottles like sweater queens are about pumpkin spice come September 1st. Babies and bottles with disposable liners, according to her, go together like pumpkin patches and ‘gram selfies. And because I’m her daughter, I feel the same.

But it’s not just any bottle — she’s specific and so am I. It’s the Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins®. In so many ways, this bottle made my new mom life so much easier. So here are six reasons why I’m a hardcore Stan.

1. The Playtex Nurser Truly Cuts Down on Gassy Freakouts

It just so happens that liners mimic breasts — as your baby feeds, the liner collapses just like your boobs. And as your baby sucks and swallows like a hungry metronome, the liners allow for your baby’s breathing to be more natural during feedings. Who else will never get the picture of collapsing breasts out of their head now? Just me. OK, moving on. But, first, women are strong as hell.

2. Liners Drop Air Bubbles Like They’re Hot

Air bubbles are low-key enemies that snowball from tiny pockets of nothingness to gargantuan baby screams. But the Playtex Nurser’s unique liner is anti-colic and drops air bubbles like they’re hot. As the liner collapses, there’s less chance of air bubbles entering into your tiny human’s tummy.

3. Less Is More With These Bottles

When you’re a new mom, every decision you make about a baby product seems to come with immense pressure. But what about making decisions based on what you need? For me, I knew I couldn’t handle tiny accessories — a little straw thingie inside a bottle stood no chance with me. I feel pretty confident I could find a diamond, maybe even a hair stylist who didn’t always give me “The Rachel,” faster than I could ever find lost accessories for my baby’s bottle. The Playtex Nurser only needs a nipple, reusable bottle holder and disposable liner for all this anti-colic magic.

4. Keeping Up With Cleaning

When you’ve decided to feed your baby with a bottle, there are a lot of steps to work through and streamlining where you can is key. Playtex Nurser liners are pre-sterilized which means — you guessed it — no dishwashing, no boiling water, no electric sterilizers. Plus, the liners are recyclable and thinner which allow for faster bottle warming so you can spend more time with your adorable rubberband-wristed lump of DNA and less time cleaning and warming bottles. An important rule to live by: Babies are adorable; everything else is lame.

5. Make Mommy Moves From Here and There, Everywhere

You can start to feel like you’re being held captive when you’re a new mom. You’d go out but then you’d also have to bring ALL the stuff, and who wants to do that? With the Playtex Nurser, you can make all the mommy moves by carrying pre-measured powder formula in a liner and pairing with a water bottle. You’ll be able to pack one bag and go. If you squint, it’s almost like you’re a squishier version of pre-baby you.

6. These Nip Slips Are Practically Au Naturale

Nipple confusion may be a concern if you’re toggling between breast and bottle. But fear not, Playtex Nursers have “it’s almost like the real thing” on lock with their NaturaLatch® Nipple. With its raised texture, wide shape, and multiple flows, there’s no need to slather on the deodorant to avoid new mom panic sweats — this nipple is so close to the real thing, your baby will transition and latch in no time.

This is really a cautionary tale about never doubting your mother. I mean, within reason, right? She’s holding on that my dad is fine with a flip phone. But on bottles, absolutely she was right.

For over 50 years, Playtex® has been committed to understanding what’s most important to both parents and babies. We work continuously with each new generation of parents and their babies to learn firsthand how we can provide the highest-quality baby products, such as bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups and diaper disposal systems, giving families exactly what they need for better beginnings right from the start.

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