"My body my choice" written on person's back. Instagram and Facebook might finally free the nipple i...
ByMaggie Clancy

Instagram And Facebook Might Finally Free The Nipple

Meta's oversight board says the platforms’ current nudity policies are not in line with their values.

A mom shared a nursing horror story about the time she lost a nipple.
ByKatie Garrity

A Baby Bit Off His Mom’s Nipple While Breastfeeding And The Internet Is Shook

“I kid you not. The tip of my nipple was hanging off,” she explained.

Padma Lakshmi spouts the truth about breastfeeding to her daughter. Here, she is pictured on the set...
Touché, Mama
ByLeigh Blickley

Watch Padma Lakshmi's Witty Response To Her Daughter Censoring Her Cleavage

The "Top Chef" host reminded her 12-year-old just what breasts are for.

Woman pumping breast milk while working form home. The PUMP Act was just signed into law -- here is ...
Pumping At Work
ByMaggie Clancy

The PUMP Act Is Now Law: Here’s What That Means For Nursing Parents At The Office

The law is designed to protect workers who are breastfeeding and requires employers to provide time and a private place to pump.

ByKatie Garrity

A Mom Hung A Breastfeeding Selfie On Her Nursery Wall — And Her MIL Yanked It Down

The mother of twins asked Reddit if it was wrong for her to get upset and start a fight.

This Is An Eye-Opener
ByArielle Tschinkel

Is Generational Trauma Impacting Your Breastfeeding? Experts Unpack The Issue

Here's how and what we can do about it.

New Mom Who Dis
ByKrystal Martinez

Jennifer Lawrence Finally Opens Up About Her Kid — Including His Name

The ‘Causeway’ actress gets real about motherhood, marriage, and her upcoming film.

Far from perfect
ByKrystal Martinez

Can We Please Normalize Asymmetrical Boobs? Because Lots Of Us Are Rocking ‘Em

The scoop on what doctors are actually saying about disproportionate breasts and why we should embrace our lopsided ladies.

Fed Is Best
ByBecky Vieira

Breastfeeding Was Detrimental To My Mental Health

All I heard was how important it was for the baby. What about the mother?

To Shelve Or Not To Shelve
ByBrianne Hogan

Why You Can’t Use Retinol While Breastfeeding

Yes, you’ll need to skip it for a while — but there are safe alternatives.

I became fearless
BySamm Davidson

I'm A Hot Mess At A Lot Of Things, But Breastfeeding Came Easily To Me

Nursing was my superpower.

Listen to yourself
ByKatie Bingham-Smith

I Wish I’d Switched To Bottle Feeding My Kids Sooner

I bonded with them just as much as I would have breastfeeding — and I wasn’t miserable anymore.

Good To Know
ByCandace Nagy

How To Combine Pumping & Breastfeeding When You're A Sleep-Deprived New Mom

A lactation expert offers some practical advice.

It Takes A Village
ByLeigh Blickley

Would You Let A Friend Breastfeed Your Baby?

In a trending TikTok video, a woman’s friend nurses her baby after she had a few cocktails.

great expectations
ByMarie Holmes

AAP Now Recommends Breastfeeding For Two Years

“Families deserve nonjudgmental support," says the organization.

Totally terrible
ByKate Morgan

When Breastfeeding Makes You Sick

The disorder that makes feeding your babies feel like the hardest thing you’ve ever done.