Fans Freak Out After Britney Quotes Justin Timberlake On Insta

by Kristina Johnson
Kevin Winter/Getty

It took one little lyric to send the internet into a frenzy

Britney Spears’s Instagram has been a wild ride over the past few weeks. As the pop icon fights to take back control of her life from a conservatorship, she’s also taken back control of her social media. Fans have been able to get glimpses of what brings Britney joy — from dancing to painting to posing topless — and it’s been so fun to see. But a subtle reference to her famous ex, Justin Timberlake, really had fans melting down in the comment section.

It started out with a picture of a cat — a freakishly large one. Now, no one seems to know who the person with the furry beast is, or if the fluffy feline is really that big, or if it’s just an optical illusion (or a clever photo edit). And really, probably no one cares after getting a load of the caption Britney paired it with.

“As JT would say … haters gonna say it’s fake !!!!!” she wrote — and anyone who’s ever listened to “Filthy” knew immediately that the JT in question was Justin Timberlake, because he sings that line in the 2018 hit.

Britney also mused about cats big and small in the caption, but really, everyone was just hung up on the JT reference — and not everyone was psyched about it.

“JT?!! We don’t know her girl,” one wrote. And honestly, I get it. Britney may not be bitter, but fans haven’t forgotten JT’s gross, misogynistic behavior toward her — from bragging about taking her virginity to publicly vilifying over alleged cheating in their relationship (even using a lookalike in his video for “Cry Me a River”). He did eventually apologize — it just came like, a decade or so too late.

Britney’s fans won’t soon forget that — but some insinuated that they might be willing to forgive JT if he hopped on a collaboration with Brit.

Others simply enjoyed a dose of nostalgia — these two were one of the biggest couples ever, after all, and we’ll never get over those matching denim outfits.

Britney really does seem to be having a blast with her playful posts, and I look forward to seeing what else she has to show us now that she has the power to do so. And if she happens to want to spill some tea on her famous ex… fans will no doubt be ready for it.