You Batter Believe These 12 Cake Coloring Pages Are Deliciously Fun

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Cake Coloring Pages
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Cake coloring pages might not be quite as much fun as actual cake, but they’re still great for budding young artists — and that’s because cake coloring pages can take any form. Feel like making a chocolate cake? Get out your brown colored pencils and crayons and see if you can work in patterns that may make the cake look fresh from the oven. Or maybe a bright blue cake is what you’ve envisioned. Regardless of your culinary skill level, you can make that dream a reality with a simple, free coloring page. That’s the great thing about cake coloring pages: You don’t have to be a great baker to make these pages something worthy of a world-class bakery. If you’re not so great in the kitchen, you can compensate by creating stunning fantasy cakes on paper. You might say it’s a yummy way to express your creativity.

These coloring pages serve as an excellent at-home activity, party pastime, or even birthday decor. In classrooms, you can ask your students to make the cake of their dreams using their imagination. Or you can just print out a few cake coloring pages to shade in during lulls at work. Whatever your reason, these pages are free to print out and enjoy how you please. (We recommend reading some cake quotes out loud while you color!) Then, once you work up an appetite coloring this sweet collection, you can take a bite out of our pizza coloring pages, fruit coloring pages, ice cream coloring pages, and cupcake coloring pages.

Free Printable Cake Coloring Pages

Cake Page No. 1

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Are those strawberries on top, or are they walnuts? Print out two copies and see which one looks the most tempting. This coloring page can also have a lot of added depth if you shade in areas where someone cut a delicious slice. Although cakes are a staple part of celebrations, they also have their own days of jubilee! Did you know Jan. 27 is National Chocolate Cake Day, and March 29 is National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day? (Mark your calendars!)

Cake Page No. 2

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Now, this cake looks more like something we’d make — one layer and a little strange. Maybe those are blueberries on top of a whipped cream pile. Or perhaps it’s pineapple rings underneath with cherries in their centers. Or, hey, go wild and turn those toppings into olives. Nobody said your cake coloring page had to be an edible cake, after all.

Cake Page No. 3

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Happy birthday to you! You’ll probably wish for more cake, right? That’s the best wish of all. Since it’s a single slice, you can really experiment with this coloring page. For added fun, try creating a Funfetti pattern on the inside. Bright colors would also make the frosting pop out. Here’s an interesting bit of info: Have you ever wondered where the word cake comes from? Well, it actually derives from the Norse word “kaka.”

Cake Page No. 4

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OK, let’s be honest: The hard coloring work is already done here if you’re picturing a standard white cake with a chocolate layer. In fact, this coloring page looks pretty tasty as it is. Challenge yourself and make it different, though. What if the cake insides were strawberry or marble? You can also use the white space around the slice to color in some other scenery. Maybe the cake is sitting on a beautiful (and ornate) vintage cake plate!

Cake Page No. 5

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If you’re a big fan of diners, this cake slice probably reminds you of something in the display case by the register. Tasty and fancy with its decorative swirl, it’s a slice that begs to be colored in a quirky way — much like it’s drawn. Or why not add whatever you think it would take to make this cake worth $35 million? That’s the record for the world’s most expensive cake, which renowned Chef D.K. artfully adorned with rare sapphires.

Cake Page No. 6

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Are you going to a wedding? Or do you happen to watch a lot of competitive baking shows on The Food Network? Then, you might end up seeing a real-life cake that looks like this. Fancy this cake up with color and make it a confection to cherish for a lifetime.

Cake Page No. 7

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You may not remember the last time you ate a slice of cake with a cherry on top, but it seems to be popular in the world of cake coloring pages. Speaking of “a cherry on top,” how many idioms and phrases can you think of involving this classic dessert? There’s “have one’s cake and eat it too,” “that takes the cake,” “let them eat cake,” “a piece of cake,” and “icing on the cake,” to get you started.

Cake Page No. 8

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Based on the thickness of the lines, this is one cake coloring page that’ll be excellent for toddlers or young kids. In the space on the line at the bottom layer, you can encourage your child to personalize the cake by adding their age or initials.

Cake Page No. 9

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Can this cake be even fresher? Fruit is a delightful and healthy topping for baked goods, and as a bonus, most of it sticks pretty well on a layer of delicious frosting. Out of all the cake coloring pages, this one offers the best opportunity to use various shades and colors.

Cake Page No. 10

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Yet another cake with a cherry! Maybe that’s the universe’s way of telling us it’s time to go to the grocery store for a dessert. There’s never a wrong reason to buy a cake. And, mmm, this page has us headed straight for the cheesecake.

Cake Page No. 11

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How much cake can you eat? One of the largest cakes ever made was 6.18 tons. That’s about as heavy as an African elephant. Rumor has it the first birthday cake was made in Germany. The first recipes were very bread-like and not as soft as the cakes we have today.

Cake Page No. 12

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If you think boutique bakeries are pricey, guess how much the most expensive wedding cake is — $30 million. And leave it to Queen Victoria to be a trendsetter for beautiful wedding cakes. She was one of the first to make her cake with pure white icing.

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