55+ Camping Jokes For S'more Outdoor Fun With The Family

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Kids laughing in tent — camping jokes and puns.
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There’s nothing quite like spending time in nature — it’s good for the soul! In fact, spending time outdoors is shown to decrease stress and improve physical health. And one of the best ways to get the whole family outdoors is to go camping. Whether you’re a first-time camper or an old pro, there’s one thing we can agree on: Camping jokes are a surefire way to add some fun to the experience. Lucky for you (and us!), there are plenty to go around. We’ve got a roundup of funny camping jokes, puns, and one-liners you and your kids will love.

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First, though, print out this collection of camping jokes to keep kids entertained on the road or to share around the campfire.

Hilarious Camping Jokes, Puns, and One-Liners

  1. What do you call a group of grizzly bears telling jokes?

A bear-rel of laughs!

  1. What is a teenager’s favorite camping experience?

Spending the night in front of Best Buy the night before the latest video game makes its debut.

  1. What did the beaver say to the tree?

It’s been nice gnawing you.

  1. An adventurer was paddling the river in winter. Feeling cold, he lit a fire in his boat.

He quickly realized… you can’t have your kayak and heat it too.

  1. You can’t run through a campsite. You can only ran…

because it’s past tents.

  1. Did you hear about the two honey-making insects who fell in love on a camping trip?

It was tent to be.

  1. What do you call a camper that drives through frozen rain?

Van Hailin’.

  1. How do trees access the internet?

They log in.

  1. How do you communicate with a fish?

Drop it a line.

  1. What’s another name for a sleeping bag?

A nap sack.

  1. Why do trees have so many friends?

They branch out.

  1. Why are people who go camping on April 1 always tired?

Because they just completed a 31 day March.

  1. Why didn’t the elephant carry a suitcase when he went camping?

He already had a trunk.

  1. Why don’t mummies like to camp?

They’re afraid to relax and unwind.

  1. What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A gummy bear.

  1. What did the camper say to his friend after telling a scary story?

“I can come up with s’more if you’d like.”

  1. Did you hear the one about the happy camper?

Nope, but I heard about the Jolly Rancher!

  1. At the camping site, what did the lake say to the sailboat?

Nothing, it just waved.

  1. Camping?

Alpaca my tent!

  1. What do you call an emergency shelter made from cereal boxes?

A snap, crackle, and pop-up tent.

  1. What did the pine trees wear to the lake?

Swim trunks.

  1. How can you identify a dogwood tree?

By its bark.

  1. What kind of bagels do all the campers eat?

A Winnebago.

  1. No more bad camping puns!

I can’t bear it!

  1. Where does a camper keep his money?

In the River Bank.

  1. What do you call a camper without a face or body?


  1. Why did the fish blush?

Because it saw the lake’s bottom.

  1. What camping destination makes a pet bird sing for joy?

The Canary Islands.

  1. What’s a tree’s favorite drink?

Root beer.

  1. Where do sheep like to camp?

The Baa-hamas.

  1. Why did the robot go camping?

He needed to recharge his batteries.

  1. Why does Humpty Dumpty like camping in autumn?

Because he had a great fall.

  1. Why are hiking shops so diverse?

Because they employ people from all walks of life.

  1. Why did the park ranger quit his job?

Because it was too in-tents.

  1. Did you hear the one about the skunk who went camping?

Probably for the best… it really stinks.

  1. Why didn’t the bike want to go camping?

It was two tired.

  1. What kind of shoes do frogs wear when camping in the summer?

Open-toad shoes.

  1. Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day.

Teach him to fish and you’ll get rid of him for an entire weekend.

  1. Did you hear about the kidnapping in the woods?

It’s alright. He woke up.

  1. If RV campers don’t have any lawn decorations, what do they have?

Mobile gnomes.

  1. Why are RV campers so obedient?

They go where they’re towed.

  1. How would you describe a happy camper?


  1. Why is tuna a perfect food for both dolphins and campers?

Because it’s good for all in-tents and porpoises.

  1. What should you do if you get too cold while camping?

Stand in the corner of the tent. It’s 90 degrees.

  1. What is a mosquito’s favorite sport?

Skin diving.

  1. Did you hear about the man shopping for a camouflage tent?

There’s not much to hear. He couldn’t find one.

  1. What day of the week is best for camping at the beach?


  1. Where do cows go camping?

Upstate Moo York.

  1. Relax!

You’re too tents.

  1. Why did the number seven decide to take a long camping trip?

After he packed his things, he was sept for life.

  1. What vegetables like to camp?

Brussel scouts.

  1. Me and campfires?

The perfect match!

  1. Where do sharks like to camp?


  1. Where does Dale Earnhardt Jr. like to camp?

In Mada-nascar.

  1. What does Barry Allen always remember to bring when he camps.

A flashlight.

  1. When the couple fell in love, they carved their initials into a tree. After they got married, they added a year. And for each kid, they carved their initials. Then one day, while the couple went camping, the tree fell over and flattened their tent, which goes to show, karma’s a birch.
  2. What is green and loves going camping?

A boy sprout.

  1. Man takes along a bat to go camping. His friend asks if it’s for the bears.

Man: “No. This will not stop a bear.” Friend: “What will you do if a bear crosses our path?” Man: “I’ll run.” Friend: “Run? You can’t outrun a bear.” Man: “I don’t have to. I just have to outrun you.” Friend: “But you can’t outrun me.” Man: “That’s what the bat is for.”

  1. My wife and I went camping to save our marriage.

It was an in tents situation.

  1. Two men are camping when they see it’s getting dark outside. Man one pops up his tent. Unfortunately, it only has space for one person. Man two is sleeping outside when bears come out. Thankfully, Man two chases the bears away with his knife. Later, the bears come again, and Man two chases them away. He’s starting to get annoyed and says to his friend, “Hey, can I sleep in the tent? These bears are trying to kill me!”

So the two men switch places. The bears come, and just as they are about to attack the man outside, the leader bear says, “We’ve picked on the guy outside enough. Let’s pick on the guy inside!”

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