Cardi B's Attempted Hair Tutorial With A Chatty Kulture Is Too Real

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Cardi B using LCO method braiding Kulture's hair
(@iamcardib / Twitter)

Cardi B attempted to demonstrate how to use the LCO method on braided hair using her daughter Kulture as a model… but Kulture had other (much chattier) plans.

We love Cardi B for how real she is with fans, whether it be about pregnancy cravings, testing out new hobbies in her Facebook series Cardi Tries, or raising her and Offset’s daughter Kulture. The rapper attempted to show fans how she uses the LCO method to lock in moisture and braid Kulture’s hair on Twitter, but you know how toddlers can be. Kulture had plans of her own and felt compelled to add her own commentary to the tutorial.

And honestly? It makes the video, even if we didn’t get to actually learn how Cardi uses the LCO method for braiding hair.

The snippet of Cardi B’s almost-hair tutorial had fellow toddler parents laughing in solidarity.

Kids like to talk… a lot! And sometimes they just go off about, well, whatever the heck they want, even if it doesn’t really fit in with the topic at hand. Still, Cardi handles all of Kulture’s conversational curveballs like a champ. That “yeah” response Cardi gives to Kulture? Too real.

Sometimes all you can do when a toddler goes on a rant is nod and smile and agree, because trying to figure out or interpret a toddler ramble can be an impossible task. Looks like Cardi’s got this down to a science.

And fans were loving how confident Kulture was talking about her toy car, amongst other very heavy and meaningful topics. Kulture? She’s important and we should all be listening. That simple.


Others were simply in awe of how the-soon-to-be-momma-of-two didn’t snap or tell Kulture to be quiet. Toddlers might be little, but they have big egos and don’t always understand that they aren’t the center of the universe. Please give us some lessons in patience, Cardi.


Some fans couldn’t help but point out that Kulture is essentially a mini version of Cardi, with a big personality to match. Their relationship is so sweet!


This isn’t the first time Cardi’s shared her hair care tips with fans

The rapper is all about DIY hair masks for moisture. Previously, Cardi has shared the recipe for her favorite DIY hair mask, which calls for avocado, argan oil, mayonnaise, black castor oil, olive oil, two eggs, honey, and banana.

Another hair mask recipe Cardi shared called for one avocado, an egg, honey, castor oil, and a big dollop of coconut oil. It’s refreshing seeing someone like Cardi who could easily pay for high-end hair care treatments still takes the time to simply do it herself.

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