The 'Cart Narcs' Call Out People Who Refuse To Put Their Carts Away

by Julie Scagell
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The Woody Show/Youtube

The Cart Narcs tell cart offenders what we all wish we could

Do you ever spy the perfect parking spot when you pull into the grocery store? It’s both near the front of the store and next to a cart corral and you’re not sure how no one else has found this unicorn before you did? You smugly start to turn your car in only to realize some lazy ass left their cart right in the middle of the spot. It’s infuriating. Now, one group self-titled the “Cart Narcs” is setting out to right the wrongs of the cart world by calling people out on their behavior.

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“Americans are facing an epidemic perpetrated by the laziness of their fellow citizens,” Cart Narcs, a segment on the YouTube channel The Woody Show, states in one video. “We’re talking about the dicks who don’t put their carts back into the corral.” They decided to take matters into their own hands by publically shaming people who leave their carts in the parking lot to ding cars and take up precious parking spots.

The Cart Narcs even go as far as to go get the offending cart and park it behind the person who mishandled their cart responsibility which, as you can imagine, went about as well as you’d expect. After passive-aggressively laying on his horn for several minutes, the Cart Narc points out in the time it took him to honk he could have (you guessed it) put his cart back.

Another guy actually falls trying to prove a point by placing his cart from one curb to a different curb which is actually so close to the corral you can see it in the picture. He also manages to sling some pretty sweet obscenities at the Cart Narc in the process, which if you watch enough of these happens to them on the daily.

Public shaming is one way to try and change people’s behaviors but as one woman points out people often respond to something being told to them in a more positive way than being shamed for their behavior. Though it’s cringeworthy to watch, there is one way to avoid this altogether — put your damn cart back.

Most of the offenders try to hightail it out of the parking lots without engaging but it is hard to do. Others admit they simply don’t “want to” put their carts back or felt where they left it was simply good enough, leaving it to store employees or other shoppers to finish the job they felt they were above doing themselves.

If you enjoyed these, there are many more where that came from on their channel. Here’s hoping you never get stopped by the cart police — it doesn’t look like a pleasant experience. I guess getting called out for being an inconsiderate asshole rarely is.

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