10 Purr-fectly Adorable Cat Coloring Pages To Print Right Meow

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Cat Coloring Pages

Here’s the truth: Cats are one of the most interesting creatures in the animal kingdom. They’re smart, fiercely independent, resourceful, silly, playful… the list goes on. Did we mention they always seem to have confidence to spare? Ah, yes, there are few things more fun and fascinating than a feline. And the odds are good that you probably have a little cat lover in your house whose ideas of a purrfect — sorry, couldn’t help ourselves! — day would be spending all afternoon at a cat cafe. Since that may not be an option at the moment (thanks a lot, social distancing), we’re bringing you the next best thing: a bunch of free cat coloring pages.

These printables could be especially well-received if your kid happens to suffer from cat allergies. Knowing they can’t cuddle with a kitty in real-life, they’ll appreciate the fact you found a sneeze-free way to surround themselves with felines. So, print away, Mama. Earn those cool creds. By the time your little one is finished coloring, they might think you’re the cat’s meow.

Free Cat Coloring Pages

1. Cat With Snack

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We must say, we feel an immediate kinship with this cat — we get the same smile on our faces whenever we get a snack! As for what Mr. Kitty is eating, well, you’ll have to let your little one decide. Our best guess is pepperoni pizza. Or maybe a slice of watermelon? But speaking of fat cats, did you know Garfield is part of a universe that’s shared with the Ghostbusters? So cool.

2. Doodle Cat

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Ooh, could this intricately designed doodle cat be any prettier? Sure, its precise detailing might make you think it’s best suited for tweens or teens (or, you know, you). However, this cat coloring page could serve as a great practice page for your little one, too. Fun fact: A kitty’s whiskers aren’t just on their legs. They’re also on the back of their front legs.

3. – 5. Cartoon Cats

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The ’90s had some great cartoons, and many of them included memorable cats (think Eek! the Cat and The Ren and Stimpy Show). We imagine this charismatic little fellow could have starred in an animated series from that era. Fun fact: We know cats can be a little lazy, but did you know they spend 70 percent of their lives sleeping? That has to be a record!

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Is this the same cartoon cat, or simply one that looks similar? Foster your child’s imagination by asking them to tell you how the cartoon cats are related. Or, you could suggest that — based on its coat — this cat looks like a cheetah. And if you ever thought your cat seemed brighter than your pup, you might have been on to something. Turns out cats have almost twice as many neurons in their cerebral cortex as hounds.

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This cartoon cat is looking off to the right, but we can’t see what he’s looking at so intently. So, why not have your little artist fill in the surrounding scene? Besides its sideways position, there are a million things that make cats special. They walk the same as camels and giraffes. Cats move their right feet first together and then their left feet. There aren’t any other animals that walk this way.

6. Spotted Cat

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If you want to turn your afternoon of coloring into a teachable moment, you could always have your child try to identify what type of cat they’re coloring. Is this a leopard? A cheetah? A domestic house cat? Help your little one do their research to see what they can come up with. Did you know a house cat’s genome is 95.6 percent tiger? Your cat may be the king of the jungle if he shows big cat behavior like scratching, prey stalking, pouncing, or urine marking.

7. Cat and Flowers

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Break out the entire box of crayons or colored pencils, because you’re gonna need ’em! This stunning coloring page features a precious cat crouching in a lush thicket of flowers and foliage. Did you know a cat was elected mayor of Talkeetna in Alaska? Stubbs was an orange tabby that ran the small town for 20 years. He didn’t really have legislative power, but his constituents adored him.

8. Cat and Yarn

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Cats love yarn, right? What else do they love? Ask your child to guess what a few of their feline’s other favorite things are, then tell them to draw them on the page’s blank space. They can even draw an ocean because contrary to popular belief, cats have the ability to swim. Fun fact: Have you ever heard of the cat who went to space? Yup, on Oct. 18, 1963, Astrocat was the one and only cat to be sent into space.

9. Cat Print

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This floofy cat’s piercing gaze has us curious about its eye color. Will your little one go with a traditional yellow cat eye? Or will they embrace their sense of adventure and pull something wild out of the box, like magenta? Fun fact: Cats communicate with their tails. For example, a question mark tail means, “You wanna play?” Another sign they want to have fun is when they hit you with their paw.

10. Happy Cat

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This is one happy cat, and why not? Cats get to sleep between 12 to 16 hours a day, which sounds pretty darn enjoyable to us, too. Although this cat may look sweet, unfortunately, they can’t actually taste sweetness. Weird, right?

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