You're In Cluck! These 11 Chicken Coloring Pages Will Keep Your Kiddo Entertained

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Chicken Coloring Pages
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Lady Kluck from Robin Hood, Foghorn Leghorn, Chicken Little, Heihei from Moana — these examples are just a few of the many, many beloved chicken characters in books and on-screen. Why so many? Well, there’s just something sort of happy about chickens, right? They’re plucky. And thanks to the recent homesteading trend, more people than ever are getting pet chickens and backyard coops. So, in celebration of our feathered friends, we decided to put together some cute chicken coloring pages. They make a perfect DIY activity for you and your kids to enjoy together. Who knows? Maybe you’ll wind up a chicken-mom, too.

In fact, if you’re living in the suburbs but dreaming of a Joanna-and-Chip-Gaines-like life on the farm, we’ve got a whole farmyard full of free printables for you. When you’ve finished filling in these fine fowls, move on over to our pig pages, cow pages, and horse pages.

Free Chicken Coloring Pages

1. Egg-Sitting Rooster

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Have you ever heard the expression “pecking order”? Merriam-Webster defines the idiom as “the basic pattern of social organization within a flock of poultry in which each bird pecks another lower in the scale without fear of retaliation and submits to pecking by one of higher rank.” Where do you think this rooster falls on the pecking order? He seems to be stuck on eggy duty, but he also has a pretty confident look on his face. Fun fact: Chickens can show empathy. They are one of the few creatures that understand the distress of other animals, especially their chicks.

2. Fiesta Chicken

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We like to imagine this vibrant chicken is dancing! While your little one colors, ask them what song they think a chicken would listen to while shaking their tail feather. And if your nugget is a chicken eater, here’s a fun fact: The buffalo wing wasn’t invented until 1964!

3. Baby Chicks

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Take a look at these baby buddies! Chickens may all look the same to you, but these birds are quite adept at recognizing each other. They can actually distinguish over 100 faces of their own species. And did you know there are 25 billion chickens clucking on earth? They have a larger population than humans and any other bird species.

4. Hen on the Hunt

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This hen looks hungry. Maybe she’s on the hunt for some seeds or a worm lurking in the grass. The fact that chickens have full-color vision surely helps them find food. Unlike dogs, they aren’t color blind. They see the world in color, just like us. And here’s another fascinating tidbit for you: Chickens can taste savory flavors but not sweetness. But did you know hens can choose the father of their chicks? They can reject the sperm of roosters they’ve mated with. Hens will only keep the seed of the rooster they believe will give them healthy babies.

5. Mama Hen

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We know chickens aren’t the most exciting animals, but if you want to get your kids into these farm birds introduce them to some cartoon clucks like Ginger from Chicken Run, Heihei from Moana, or Foghorn Leghorn from Looney Tunes! But did you know that mother hens begin teaching calls to their chicks while they’re still in the egg? Chicks even “cheep” back at their mother. Sounds like a human mama talking to her baby in the womb, right?

6. One Confused Chicken

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OK, so this silly bird doesn’t look too fierce. However, looks can be deceiving! The chemical structure of preserved proteins found in a Tyrannosaurs rex‘s leg bone points to an evolutionary link between the dinosaur and the domesticated chicken.

7. Artsy Hens

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One of these hens appears to be crying, which is sad. But chickens do have pain receptors that give them the human-like ability to feel distressed. Ask your little one for a “chicken hug” that you could pass along to this unhappy hen.

8. Pollo Loco

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It looks like we just caught this funny guy in the middle of a joke. Fun fact: The earliest known printing of the classic “Why did the chicken cross the road?” joke was in New York Magazine in 1847. Here’s an actual joke for the road: Why did the chicken cross the road? It wanted to find out what those jokes were about!

9. Mandala Rooster

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This intricate rooster may be best suited for your artistic teen due to all of the fine lines. While they take their time filling in the complex patterns, wonder aloud if perhaps this rooster is “tidbitting.” That’s the term for the little dance roosters do — complete with moving their head up and down and making certain sounds — to attract hens.

10. Farmyard Chicks

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These chicks (which, FYI, is the official term for baby chickens) look like they’re enjoying a bit of freedom in the farmyard. But make no mistake — mama hen is likely nearby. Hens are known for defending their young from predators. And did you know chickens dream? Imagine that!

10. Zentangle Chicken

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Many foods can be compared to the taste of chicken. There is a wild mushroom called the Laetiporus that is nicknamed the “fried chicken mushroom” because of how much it tastes like chicken!

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