Chrissy Shares Doc's Office Selfie To Remind Women To Keep Up With Appointments

by Valerie Williams
Chrissy Shares Doc's Office Selfie To Remind Women To Keep Up With Appointments
chrissy teigen/Instagram

Chrissy Teigen’s gyno selfie is a great reminder to keep up with routine doctor appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic

Just because there’s a large health concern looming over our heads every single day doesn’t mean the other usual health concerns have taken a vacation. That’s an unfortunate and anxiety-inducing reality, but reality all the same. Thank goodness for Chrissy Teigen reminding us of that fact so we can all get on the horn with the OBGYN or family doctor or allergist or whatever and book that visit we’ve been putting off because of COVID-19.

“don’t forget to keep up with your paps and have your boobs touched even though the world is ending!!” Teigen writes alongside a fun hospital gown photo of herself. She’s absolutely right — things like breast and cervical cancer are still possible even though the coronavirus has made lots of us limit any extraneous outings — including routine medical check-ups.

While the chances we could become sick with the virus are always there, so are the chances we could have a breast lump or concerning PAP result, so it seems routine physician appointments are an exposure risk worth taking (unless your doctor says otherwise based on your own situation). There’s even helpful guides with information from agencies like the Centers for Disease Control to help you figure out what visits need to happen, even if virus exposure is a possibility.

But for women, yearly visits to the gynecologist are pretty crucial for maintaining breast and reproductive health including managing refills or removal/reinsertion of contraceptives. We can’t lose sight of those things while living the pandemic life, and Chrissy is only too happy to provide a helpful reminder.

Speaking of breasts, Teigen has used some of the quiet weeks of pandemic-related quarantine to have her breast implants removed. She initially shared that she was having the surgery done and weeks later, showed us Luna’s adorable homemade card of support for her mom’s “boobs out” surgery.

We’re grateful Chrissy is using her huge platform to provide timely reminders for women to get their usual shit done even though, as she says, “the world is ending.” It’s probably not, and since we want to be around for another several decades, it’s smart to do as she says and just book the damn visit.