Chrissy Teigen Starts IVF After Loss Of Son Jack

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend ready to expand family IVF
(Arturo Holmes / Getty Images Entertainment)

Chrissy Teigen asked people to stop asking if she is pregnant as she starts IVF treatment a year and a half after experiencing pregnancy loss

It looks like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are ready to expand their family after going through a lot of heartbreak. The couple, who share son Miles, 5, and daughter, Luna, 3, experienced a pregnancy loss with their third child, Jack, in September 2020. Teigen was 20 weeks pregnant.

On February 18, 2022, Teigen had fans talking when she posted a photo of IVF injectables on her Instagram story. “Here we go again,” she captioned the image of the array of shots. About 12 hours after posting the story, Teigen addressed some of the replies she got in her DMs.

“hiiii. I posted about it in my stories, but I wanted to let you guys know I’m balls deep in another IVF cycle to save as many eggos as I possibly can and hopefully make some strong, healthy embryos,” Teigen started the caption, adding that she “honestly [doesn’t] mind the shots” but that the “bloating is a bitch.”

Teigen also had a gentle-but-firm request for people to not comment on someone else’s pregnancy

While she acknowledges that a lot of the comments on her Instagram story were encouraging, she also asked that fans not constantly ask whether or not she is pregnant through the IVF process.

” I humbly beg you to stop asking if I’m pregnant because while I know it’s said with excited, good intentions, it just kind of sucks to hear because I am the opposite of pregnant!”

“But also like please stop asking people, anyone, if they’re pregnant,” Teigen added, and it’s solid advice. You never know where someone is on their fertility journey, and even in the most positive of situations, family planning can be stressful AF. And yes, even though Teigen has been open and vulnerable about the loss of Jack and how she and her family keep his memory alive, that doesn’t mean she (or any pregnant person) should be interrogated about their fertility journey.

At the time of Jack’s death, Teigen shared a heartbreaking Instagram sharing that she and Legend were “shocked and in the kind of deep pain you only hear about, the kind of pain we’ve never felt before.” Doctors told Teigen she experienced a partial placental abruption, and despite numerous blood transfusions, they were unable to save Jack.

“We never decide on our babies’ names until the last possible moment after they’re born, just before we leave the hospital. But we, for some reason, had started to call this little guy in my belly Jack. So he will always be Jack to us. Jack worked so hard to be a part of our little family, and he will be, forever.”