Chrissy Gets Trolled For Posing Topless With Her Toddler

by Valerie Williams

Of course Chrissy had a snappy comeback for one troll’s ridiculous comment

Chrissy Teigen is queen of the clapback and her skills get quite a workout because the internet is full of literally horrible people with nothing better to do than pick apart a complete stranger’s parenting based on nothing more than a photo. This time, the trolls all came to Chrissy’s yard to berate her over being in the presence of her toddler son with *GASP* *HORRORS* no shirt on.

Teigen shared the adorably hilarious shot of two-year-old Miles invading what looks like a sexy photoshoot with an equally hilarious caption. “please move, mommy is trying to be thirsty.”

Normal people would see this photo and understand that 1) Chrissy is a model and sometimes she poses topless 2) a toddler seeing his mother’s naked body is absolutely not a big deal. But again, this is the internet and plenty of people on it are anything but normal.

People were like, really upset about a woman and her young son being in the same room while said woman doesn’t have a shirt on. Have any of these child safety crusaders even had kids? A mom being topless around her small child is just about the most normal thing in the world.

Look at all the anger. You’d think she stopped feeding him or let him watch all of the Die Hard movies with the huge and angry reactions here.

Phew. The haters.

Poor John Legend? LOL something tells me he’s perfectly happy with his choice in mate.

Pearls clutched so hard they’ll just about shatter. Who hurt these people that a tiny kid in the presence of his mom’s boobs has them all aflutter?

Naturally, Chrissy just had to reply to at least one misguided, judgmental soul.

LOL. Good for her.

Of course, any mom knows that a toddler seeing his mom naked is literally nothing to be concerned about. But it looks like some people need a bit of an education, so let’s turn to the experts. Paul Abramson, a professor at UCLA focusing on human sexuality tells Parents “There’s nothing inherently wrong with being nude with members of your family.” One study of kids ages 3-6 found no harmful effects from exposure to parental nudity.

If Miles were 15? Ok, yeah. I admit that would be extremely weird. But he’s not. He is literally two freaking years old, and anyone who thinks it’s “sick” or “disgusting” is sadly misguided. Do you as far as what feels acceptable with your own kids but please don’t feel the need to come for moms who don’t mind their young kids seeing them naked. Actually, don’t come for other moms for anything unless it’s actual danger — and being in the same room as boobs ain’t it.