Czech Last Names: 105+ Popular Czech Surnames And Their Meanings

Jak Se Jmenuješ? 105+ Czech Last Names And Their Interesting Meanings

June 29, 2021 Updated September 22, 2021

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Like many other cultures, family names in the Czech Republic carry a ton of meaning and family tradition, some more literal than others. Czech women traditionally take their husband’s last name after marriage, but given the gendered nature of the Czech language, the ending of the name will change depending on whether it belongs to a woman or a man. Per Family Education, if the last name is a male adjective or noun, the women’s version will change its spelling to match the feminine version of the adjective. Often, the ending is changed for the women’s name by adding “-ova” if the husband’s Czech last name translates to a noun. It sounds complicated, but once you have a firm understanding of the Czech language and the name’s actual meaning and origin, it adds up. Most Czech last names originate from the Czech language as well as German (explaining why some German surnames sound similar) and Slovak, given the countries’ proximity to each other and shared history.

bRead on to learn more about some of the most popular Czech last names, where they come from, and what they mean.

  1. Adamcik
    Meaning: a pet form of the personal name Adam.
  2. Ales
    Meaning: from a short form of the personal names Alexis, Albert, Albrecht, or Alexandr.
  3. Andel
    Meaning: angel.
  4. Andrasko
    Meaning: a pet form of Andrasek, a variant of Ondrášek.
  5. Artim
    Meaning: unexplained.
  6. Baar
    Meaning: from a short form of the personal name Bartolomaeus.
  7. Babinec
    Meaning: nickname meaning “coward.”
  8. Bakalar
    Meaning: from medieval Latin baccalarius, meaning “school teacher.”
  9. Baloun
    Meaning: variant of Valon, ethnic name for a Walloon.
  10. Balusek
    Meaning: a pet form of the personal name Balus, a reduced form of Baltazar.
  11. Belinsky
    Meaning: habitational name from a place called Bělín.
  12. Betlach
    Meaning: occupational name for a weaver or seller of bedsheets.
  13. Bonta
    Meaning: pet form of the personal names Bonifác or Bonaventura.
  14. Brabec
    Meaning: nickname from brabec, meaning “sparrow.”
  15. Capek
    Meaning: a habitational name for someone who lived at a house distinguished by the sign of a stork.
  16. Cejka
    Meaning: nickname from čejka, meaning “lapwing.”
  17. Cerny
    Meaning: “black,” hence a nickname for a black-haired person.
  18. Cerveny
    Meaning: from červený, meaning “red” or “ruddy,” hence a nickname for someone with red hair or a ruddy complexion.
  19. Chaloupka
    Meaning: from a diminutive of chalupa, meaning “peasant’s cottage.”
  20. Cibulka
    Meaning: from cibule, meaning “onion” — a nickname for someone with a head thought to resemble an onion or an occupational name for an onion seller.
  21. Darilek
    Meaning: nickname for a prosperous individual.
  22. Dobransky
    Meaning: habitational name from a place called Dobřany.
  23. Dolezal
    Meaning: nickname for a lazy man.
  24. Dobry
    Meaning: good or honest.
  25. Dvoracek
    Meaning: from a diminutive of Dvořák.
  26. Dvornik
    Meaning: a rich farmer, or someone who owns an estate or manor.
  27. Dyk
    Meaning: a diminutive from the first name Benedikt.
  28. Ermis
    Meaning: a reduced form of the personal name Jeremiáš. 
  29. Fait
    Meaning: from the German veit, after St. Veit — the patron saint against fire.
  30. Fojtik
    Meaning: a word for a bailiff or other administrator.
  31. Fousek
    Meaning: nickname from fousek, meaning “mustache.”
  32. Gaba
    Meaning: a version of the name “Gabriel.”
  33. Galuska
    Meaning: variant of haluška, meaning “pasta.”
  34. Gavenda
    Meaning: nickname for a chatterbox; from gavenda, meaning “talkative.”
  35. Hajny
    Meaning: a word for a gamekeeper.
  36. Hanzlik
    Meaning: pet form of personal name Hanzel.
  37. Havelka
    Meaning: pet form of the personal name Havel.
  38. Hlavak
    Meaning: from the word for “head,” often attributed to someone really smart or with a large head.
  39. Holec
    Meaning: nickname for a beardless young man.
  40. Holik
    Meaning: nickname for the word holý meaning bare or “clean shaven.”
  41. Hollas
    Meaning: someone who lives near a field of holly.
  42. Holoubek
    Meaning: “little pigeon.”
  43. Holub
    Meaning: “dove” or mild-mannered man.
  44. Holy
    Meaning: an evergreen shrub.
  45. Homola
    Meaning: cone or nickname for someone with a pointed or cone-shaped head.
  46. Homolka
    Meaning: a cone-shaped lump of crease cheese or a nickname for some who is soft spoken.
  47. Hora
    Meaning: mountain, hill, or forest.
  48. Janousek
    Meaning: from the first name John.
  49. Kalal
    Meaning: a woodcutter, from the Moravian word meaning “to cut.”
  50. Kotek
    Meaning: kitten or tomcat.
  51. Magyar
    Meaning: pearl.
  52. Malecek
    Meaning: small.
  53. Maruska
    Meaning: a pet form of the personal name Maruše
  54. Nerad
    Meaning: a picky, pestering person.
  55. Novacek
    Meaning: a diminutive of Novak.
  56. Olejnik
    Meaning: someone who sells cooking oil.
  57. Onderko
    Meaning: a derivative of the personal name Ondřej
  58. Opalka
    Meaning: occupational name for a basket maker; from opálka, meaning “woven basket.”
  59. Pacek
    Meaning: a pet form of the Old Czech personal name Pačej.
  60. Palecek
    Meaning: someone who is small or missing a thumb.
  61. Slezak
    Meaning: someone from Slevasia.
  62. Straka
    Meaning: someone who steals.
  63. Trinka
    Meaning: thorn.

More Czech Last Names

  1. Beran
    Meaning: stubborn or ram.
  2. Cech
    Meaning: newcomer.
  3. Cervenka
    Meaning: “red in the face.”
  4. Chalupa
    Meaning: cottage.
  5. Chvata
    Meaning: to hurry.
  6. Cizek
    Meaning: siskin; type of bird.
  7. Fiala
    Meaning: violet or flower.
  8. Hajek
    Meaning: thicket.
  9. Hlavacek
    Meaning: head.
  10. Holub
    Meaning: pigeon.
  11. Horacek
    Meaning: mountain.
  12. Hruby
    Meaning: coarse or crude.
  13. Jelen
    Meaning: stag.
  14. Jezek
    Meaning: hedgehog.
  15. Kalas
    Meaning: strife.
  16. Kovarik
    Meaning: smith.
  17. Kolář
    Meaning: wheelwright.
  18. Kratochvil
    Meaning: pastime. 
  19. Kraus
    Meaning: curly.
  20. Krejci
    Meaning: tailor.
  21. Kysely
    Meaning: sour.
  22. Matejka
    Meaning: derives from the name Matej.
  23. Musil
    Meaning: must.
  24. Navratil
    Meaning: to return.
  25. Nemec
    Meaning: mute or foreigner.
  26. Nosek
    Meaning: little nose.
  27. Skala
    Meaning: “strong as a rock.”
  28. Slavik
    Meaning: nightingale.
  29. Stepanek
    Meaning: derives from the name Stephen.
  30. Strnad
    Meaning: bunting.
  31. Tichý
    Meaning: calm.
  32. Zelenka
    Meaning: green.

Even More Czech Last Names

  1. Bartos
    Meaning: son of Talmay.
  2. Bosko
    Meaning: barefoot.
  3. Hornik
    Meaning: miner.
  4. Kaluza
    Meaning: puddle.
  5. Klement
    Meaning: merciful or gentle.
  6. Kostelecky
    Meaning: church.
  7. Král
    Meaning: king.
  8. Kriz
    Meaning: from the cross. 
  9. Reznik
    Meaning: butcher.
  10. Ryba
    Meaning: fish or a fisherman. 
  11. Simon
    Meaning: listen.
  12. Skalicky
    Meaning: Rock.
  13. Slovak
    Meaning: from Slovakia.
  14. Zima
    Meaning: winter or a nickname for someone with a cold personality.