180+ Sweet Old Lady Names For A Traditionally Named Baby Girl

160+ Sweet Old Lady Names Rooted In Tradition

We are a society overrun with nostalgia. People pay hundreds of dollars to rent storage units full of family heirlooms they can’t part with. Today’s fashion is nearly identical to fashion from 30 years ago. There are multiple Facebook groups dedicated to various interior design styles and antique collecting. Whomever first said, “Whatever’s old is new, again” hit the nail right on the head. They could give Einstein and Nostradamus both a run for their money. Collecting old crap and swooning over even older, more expensive stuff is certainly popular. Nothing, though, seems as popular as the revival of older baby names. Gone are the days of made up names. Now your toddler’s friend-group is made up of kids with names like Opal, Ruth and Arlo.

No matter what kind of life you lead or style you love, there’s an old lady name to fit that vibe. Ruth, for instance, is Biblical. (It truly doesn’t get any older.) A name like Opal might be perfect for someone who knows the importance of charging their crystals. And June? Well, maybe you like June Carter Cash or maybe you just like the name. It doesn’t matter. Vintage names are chic. And we’re about it.

Not that any of this makes naming your baby any easier. It’s still a tough decision. There are traditional names that will always be somewhat popular, like Elizabeth or Katherine. They’re gorgeous names. Everyone has a grandma or great grandma with that name. But everyone also probably has a sister or a cousin with that name. Sometimes picking an “old lady name” means using their nicknames. How many Betsys or Kittys do you know now? Both names are steeped in tradition, have their roots with more popular names but offer a decidedly vintage twist. Then, of course, there are names that people have genuinely stopped using for the last 60 to 100 years — names like Agnes, Mabel, or Naomi.

One of the best ways to pick an old lady name for your precious baby girl is to sit down with a family tree and examine the names of actual old ladies. You can also just ask your mama or grandma to list the relatives they remember. If, however, you want a traditional name but aren’t (or don’t want to be) tied to your actual family, we’d like to help. We scraped the database and these are the best old lady names we could find for your precious baby.

And if you don’t find your oh-so-perfect name here? That’s okay, too! This list is gigantic, but it’s also just a sampling of the amazing names that exist in the world. And maybe an “old lady name” isn’t what you wanted, afterall. Another option might be to draw from you own heritage, whether that means picking an Hawaiian name or something with Mexican roots. All you English majors out there? You might want to take a look at the names of your favorite poets and writers. If you’re a big fan of simple, cute names, another way to go might be to look for three-letter names or one-syllable names. If all you care about is raising a bad ass baby? We have you covered there, too, with strong names for your determined little girl. What can we say? Naming our kids is a hard job to do — anyone who says otherwise is lying. But, ScaryMommy is here to help.

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