Demi Lovato Drops New Song After Ex Won't Shut Up About Their Breakup

by Madison Vanderberg
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Demi Lovato drops new ballad ‘Still Have Me’ in the aftermath of her breakup from actor Max Ehrich

Last week, sources stated that Demi Lovato and her fiance of two months Max Ehrich had called it quits. Demi did not address the breakup publicly, but that didn’t stop Ehrich from airing out all their grievances on social media. Among other things, Ehrich claimed that Demi ghosted him and that he found out about the breakup online, and after staying quiet for a few days, Lovato finally acknowledged the end of the relationship through song.

“Music is always there for me,” Lovato tweeted, before dropping the surprise single “Still Have Me.”

Lyrics include: “Everything around me shattered. All the highs are now just low. But it doesn’t even matter. ‘Cause I’d rather be alone/All my love disappeared. And I’m laying right here. While the silence is piercing. And it hurts to breathe/I don’t have much but at least I still have me.”

Since news of the end of their relationship broke on September 24, 2020, Ehrich has been on a social media tear. First, he went on Instagram Stories and wrote, “Imagine finding out the status of your relationship through a tabloid,” suggesting that he was not aware that they had broken up. At one point, Ehrich claimed that Demi’s fans were trying to “Thank you, next” him (alluding to the Ariana Grande song) and then stated that he’s “just a human being that has to go to work tomorrow.” He also doubled down on the claim that he and Demi “haven’t even officially ended anything to each other,” which E! News refuted, saying someone in Demi’s camp told them that Max was “lying” and that “Demi did tell him [about the breakup] beforehand,” and that “her family thinks he is crazy and is so relieved she has taken this step.”

From there he continued to post more alarming social posts ranging from begging Demi’s fans to leave him alone, to promoting his new movie, to sharing screengrabs of his favorite Lovato songs. It was…wild.

Though it appeared like a whirlwind romance, Lovato and Ehrich’s relationship wasn’t totally smooth sailing. The couple started dating shortly before the coronavirus pandemic, which fast-tracked their relationship as they decided to quarantine together. Four months later in July, they were engaged. Their relationship took a turn for the worse in September when Lovato’s fans pulled through with what the kids called, receipts. Apparently, Ehrich had a nearly decade-long practice of leaving comments on young stars’ like Selena Gomez, Arianna Grande, and Miley Cyrus’s social profiles. It could be passed off as superfan behavior, but Ehrich’s specific obsession with Gomez had Demi fans worried. In fact, Ehrich not only tweeted many times about wanting to marry Gomez, but in the past repeatedly compared Demi’s appearance and vocal ability to Gomez’s.


When fans first brought the tweets to Lovato’s attention she claimed they were “fake” and instructed fans to mind their own business, but as videos began to surface of Ehrich gushing over Gomez, we’re guessing Lovato changed her tune.

To date, Lovato has not addressed the breakup other than what she sings in “Still Have Me.” We’re rooting for you Demi!

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