Disney + 2020 Promo Gives Us A Glimpse Of What We'll Be Bingeing

by Madison Vanderberg
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Disney Plus premieres teaser trailer with all new 2020 content

We can’t imagine a time before Disney Plus. Whether you devoured The Mandalorian or were just happy to watch Home Alone without having to search through your dusty VHS collection, the newest streaming service on the block is worth it. On New Year’s Day, Disney Plus released an extended look at all the shows and movies coming to Disney Plus in 2020. If you’ve yet to sign up, now’s the time do it (you can start with a 7-day free trial) because there’s a ton of content to binge this year.

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“Is this not what 2020 vision means? From #ToyStory 4 and Aladdin to #LizzieMcGuire and WandaVision, here’s a look into our future at the blockbusters and Originals coming to #DisneyPlus this year,” the streaming service announced on social media.

Movies like Toy Story 4 and The Lion King will land on the streaming service this year, along with new original content like the family comedy series Diary of a Future President, short film Lamp Life, which stars Toy Story‘s Bo Peep, and Secret Society of Second-Born Royals, an original sci-fi flick that Deadline calls “a contemporary princess story.”

Disney Plus announced dozens of new shows, but everyone zeroed in on a few hot properties: WandaVision, Lizzie McGuire, Stargirl, and Muppets Now.

The millennials are extremely here for the Lizzie McGuire reboot which picks up 15 years after the Disney Channel show left off. In the clip, Hilary Duff’s Lizzie leans into a car window and says “Hey, it’s me,” and Twitter basically self destructed.



A lot of people are excited for the original series WandaVision which will see Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany reprising their Marvel roles as Wanda Maximoff and Vision, and as of now, the show only has one promo image, but it’s supposed to be a superhero show with a sitcom twist or something? The show is shrouded in extreme secrecy.

WandaVision was originally slated to drop in 2021, but now that it’s dropping in the fall of 2020, people are losing it.


Stargirl is a big deal too. The YA film stars America’s Got Talent wunderkind Grace VanderWaal who will play her signature ukelele in the teen-centric film. We sense big To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before energy in this one. Stargirl drops on March 13, 2020.


Muppets Now is also being kept under lock and key, though it’s reportedly set to be a “short-form unscripted series” with “celebrity guests.”

And of course, Disney’s big marquee show The Mandalorian is coming back for a second season this year as well.

What will you be watching?

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