Best Lion King Toys 2019 – Lion King Live Action Toys

New Lion King Live Action Mash’ems Toy Is Taking Over The Internet


Anticipation for The Lion King live action film was so real. As parents continue to flood the movie theaters with their kids, we assume the begging and pleading for The Lion King toys, games, clothing, and beyond is just starting. Plus, snagging The Lion King live action toys now will check one thing off of your holiday gifting list in a few months. The tricky thing is that The Lion King toys and gear you can easily find not typically themed to the new film. So, we’ve rounded up the best Lion King 2019 toys (and more!) for you. (Simba would approve of all of these, BTW.)

1. Disney Lion King Toy 2019 Mash’ems Collectible Ball Of Surprises

lion king toy collectible


Kids are addicted to collectible surprise balls these days. This one contains six characters and one ultra-rare character that glows in the dark. It’s been available for purchase as of July 15, 2019 and they’re selling like hot cakes! These Mash’ems are squishy, filled with water, and little fans get a kick out of squeezing and stretching them.

2. Disney The Lion King Monopoly Game

best lion king toys, lion king live action toys


Everyone loves Monopoly. The Lion King version of one of the most popular, classic board games is apparently guaranteed to provide a roaring good time. It’s a perfect gift for kids ages eight and up who love the film.

3. Disney Live Action Simba Stuffed Animal Lion King Toy 2019


lion king live action toy 2019 simba


This sweet Simba plush is perfect to squeeze while fully immersed in the film. With features true to Simba from the live action remake, your kid won’t be able to stop cuddling this little guy.

4. Disney X Pippa And Julie The Lion King Border Print Dress


best lion king clothes, lion king live action toys


This adorable dress features golden detailing that depicts characters from The Lion King.  The all-over animal print is bold, yet delicate, and the dress will be most admired mid-twirl.

5. Disney Simba Mighty Roar Interactive Lion King Toy 2019

best lion king toys, lion king live action toys


This wide-eyed Simba is ready to roar and play in an interactive way. Kids can feed Simba a grub on a stick, pat him on his head (to trigger response!), or engage in a roaring contest. This cute Simba will also recite phrases and lines from The Lion King. What a cool toy!

6. Kid Dangerous Lion King Live Action T-Shirt

lion king 2019 toys


Snag some swag for a little fan with this t-shirt themed to the live action remake of Disney’s The Lion King. The shirt shows off one of the most powerful scenes from the film.

7. Touching Heads Simba And Nala Lion King Toy

best lion king toys, lion king live action toys


Yep, cuteness overload. Can you feel the love tonight? To see the perfect pair nuzzle, all you have to do is press Nala and Simba’s soft cheeks together and the lions will take it from there…

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Our mom experts only recommend picks they really love. We may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site, but if we love it, we know you’ll love it. And we Scary Mommies gotta stick together. 
Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.