The Best Lion King Toys 2020 For Your Kiddos, According To Moms

Hear Me Roar: The Best Lion King Toys To Snag For Your Kiddos

July 22, 2019 Updated December 22, 2020


Who wasn’t low-key excited for the highly anticipated July 19, 2019 release of The Lion King live-action film? Asking for a fellow parent… err, Lion King devotee. Fast-forward to now and the kiddos are still begging for the latest Simba-approved action toys and playsets. As families continue to stream it online with their kids, we know the begging and pleading for The Lion King toys, games, clothing, and beyond will only gain momentum. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best Lion King toys (and more!) for you and the entire fam to enjoy. You can thank us later 😉

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Disney the Lion King Pride Land Playset

Hakuna Matata! If the kids are happy, then mom is happy. This Lion King Pride Land playset—geared toward ages 3-6—will keep ’em busy when you’re in the kitchen whipping up dinner. You’ll never have to worry about them losing interest. Each playset comes with three figures (Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa), and the fun doesn’t stop there. For hours of make-believe magic, kid-friendly features include a surprise leaf floor trap and a collapsing rock ledge. More rawr-tastic adventures to be found this way: A hidden passageway and motorized vine lift (okay, we’re even dorking out over this!) will have them acting out jungle-inspired adventures from the film. No detail goes unnoticed in the set design—from the baobab trees to the cliffs, you really feel as though you’ve been transported to the Pride Lands of Africa.


Delta Children The Lion King Upholstered Chair

This Lion King upholstered chair is perfect for storytime (may we recommend this Lion King sound book?!), a siesta, or time out. When they’re really bad, you can send them to “the chair” to sit the eff down (or, perhaps more politely, to take a seat) and think about what they’ve done. On a lighter note: This big kid-approved sofa chair, featuring a vibrant graphic of Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa, can easily be spot-cleaned with mild soap and water. It’s made from a durable hardwood frame so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. One Amazon customer chimes in, “They are sturdy enough that they can be jumped on, used for forts, flipped over as caves, and generally used for all things not related to sitting.”


Just Play Lion Guard Deluxe Figure

Whether you’re at home, the waiting room at your doctor’s office, or en route to grandma’s house, the kids aren’t going to entertain themselves. Ain’t that the truth?! Enter the “Just Play Lion Guard Deluxe Figure” set, which includes 10 deluxe 3-inch figures for endless hours of fun. The gang’s all here—Kion, Fuli, Bunga, Ono, Beshte, Janja, Rafiki, Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa. (Challenge to parents: Try—we dare you—to say that ten times fast!) Beyond playtime, these figures make great collectible items. And parents love it, too! One Amazon customer raves, “This Lion Guard 10 piece deluxe set is perfect for my daughter’s Lion Guard jungle play-set!!! She loves the Lion Guard cartoon!!! She holds the individual figures and can name each character and she’s only 2 years old!!!” On a scale of 1 to 10, how hype are you to snag this playset for your kiddos? We’ll go first: 11.5.


Disney Lion King Toy 2019 Mash’ems Collectible Ball Of Surprises

In the spirit of good fun: You’ve gotta catch ’em all! These collectible Lion King-themed Mash’ems, an Amazon exclusive, are SUPER squishy and filled with water. Kids will get a kick out of the whole surprise component. Each super sphere comes with six itty-bitty characters (Simba, Scar, Nala, Rafiki, and Pumbaa), including an ultra-rare mystery glow-in-the-dark Mash’em. As the name implies, your little fans can mash’em, twist’em, and squish’em until they’re ready to move onto the next big thang. We’re already a step ahead of you germaphobe moms—these bad boys can easily be cleaned with warm water (crisis averted… phew). This top Amazon reviewer voices exactly what we’re all thinking here, “I don’t know where the obsession began, but my kids go NUTS for Mash’ems.” For double the fun, she adds, “The 6 pack was great for us to divide in half, three for each, to play with. They didn’t leave their hands for days, and even made their rounds through show and tell at school.”  


Disney Live Action Simba Stuffed Animal Lion King Toy

Recommended for ages 3+, this sweet Simba plush is made for hugging and squeezing. Your child won’t be able to stop cuddling this little guy while fully immersed in the film. (Pssst: While you’re at it: You may even want to scoop up Nala, Pumbaa, and Timon for a little tea party action… your girls will love it!) Did we mention that this stuffed Simba even makes fun sounds from the movie when you press on its paws and squeeze him? Yup. (But fear not, the batteries can be removed should it become headache-inducing at 2 a.m. in the morning.) E. Chim calls it a “realistically cute Simba,” thanks to deluxe embroidered detailing and quality craftsmanship. “Among the Disney Simba plush toys out there, this one is the most “realistic,” consistent with the fact that this version is modelled after the 2019 “live” version of Lion King the movie.”


Disney X Pippa And Julie The Lion King Border Print Dress

“OMG, so cute!” Says every single one of your mom friends with little girlies of their own who also just so happen to worship The Lion King. This adorable little white dress from Pippa & Julie x Disney, featuring an all-over metallic animal print, is bold, yet feminine and fierce. Most admired mid-twirl, it’s the ballerina-inspired full skirt that will surely turn heads at pre-school. Team it alongside white kicks or sparkly flats for a panache-packed look that’s comfortable and chic. Your L.O. will rock it for a playdate with her BFF, an epic birthday bash of her own (Lion King-themed, of course), or just because. Taking after her mama, we see. Every day is an opportunity to play dress-up in our book. One last thing: Take a closer look at the trim and you’ll notice a Lion King printed border (too stinkin’ cute), complete with all her favorite characters from the film.  


Disney Simba Mighty Roar Interactive Lion King Toy

Does it get any cooler than this interactive Mighty Roar Simba plush?! We’ll wait… Wide-eyed and ready to roar, this brilliant toy will get hours (and hours) of play. The next time you need to clean the house without interruption, tell your tribe to act out their favorite parts from the movie. Think along the lines of: “You be Simba, I’ll be Mufasa.” Kids can feed Simba a grub on a stick, pat him on his head, or engage in a roaring contest (inside voices, please!). And that’s not all. When triggered by a subtle nudge, he will also recite 100+ phrases and sounds from The Lion King, all the while moving his head, eyes, ears, mouth, legs, and tail in delight. Ready for snuggle time? Believe it or not, Mighty Roar Simba also has a soft side. Come bedtime, he’s ready for all the hugs, cuddles, and kisses.


Touching Heads Simba And Nala Lion King Toy

Yep, cuteness overload, right this way. Can you feel the love tonight? To see the perfect pair nuzzle, all you have to do is press Nala and Simba’s soft cheeks together and the lions will take it from there… With this cuddly duo, you essentially get two plush stuffed animals for the price of one. This happy Amazon customer says, “My two kids are sharing this set and love nuzzling their heads together (there are magnets inside). Since there are two, each child gets one to call their own.” Less fights, more play time. We’ll take that as a “W” for moms everywhere. Once Friday night movie night rolls around, gather your kiddos in the family room to act out key scenes from the movie.


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