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14 Easy Egg Recipes For Egg-cellent Meals At Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

easy egg recipes
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Eggs are one of life’s greatest gifts — they’re light, airy, delicious, and contain a ton of protein. They’re filling, but not exactly unhealthy. Shoooooot. If given the chance, we could turn Lizzo’s “Boys” into a song about eggs. We love “night eggs,” we love runny eggs, and we certainly love a perfectly cooked hard-boiled egg. But, when you’re sick of scrambling and hard-boiling, what else is there?

Surprisingly enough, there are a ton of easy egg recipes out there. The hardest thing we ever did was try to narrow them down to the absolute best, just for you. Bonus: They’re not all breakfast recipes, so you can have egg-cellent meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

easy egg recipes

Egg Recipes for Breakfast

1. Cloud Eggs

The key to fluffy cloud eggs is to beat the egg white. The hardest part? Separating the yolk and the whites.

2. Flower Power Sunny Side Up Eggs

Looking to add a little color to your morning routine? Crack an egg into a pepper ring (which looks like a flower) and let the skillet do the work. Surprisingly simple. Reliably delicious.

3. Easiest Egg Omelet

No flipping? No trying not to touch it while it’s in the skillet? Perfect! All you need to make your omelette dreams come true are eggs and a waffle iron.

4. Egg Casserole

Feed a small family with this egg casserole. You can even make it ahead of time, freeze and reheat for a quick breakfast on busy mornings.

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5. Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos

Any time someone says “make-ahead” or “meal plan,” we imagine hours in the kitchen. Breakfast burritos couldn’t be farther from that idea. They take about as long as it takes to scramble eggs and then roll them up into tortillas. You can even get your tiny humans in on the rolling action.

Lunch Action Egg Recipes

6. Spinach, Bacon and Egg Salad

The hardest part of prepping this bonkers good, egg-centric salad is frying the egg. And that’s probably only hard for those who don’t usually do it. In other words, it’s super easy to throw together in the morning before work.

7. Tarragon Egg Salad Sammy

We’ll say it: Tarragon is underrated. Don’t get stuck in the egg rut and only use salt and pepper, folks. There’s a whole world of seasonings out there and most of them taste brilliant on an egg. This recipe is perfect for dabbing onto some toast and packing in your lunch.

8. Egg Pops

The makers of Incredible Egg had a genius idea: Pop a hard-boiled egg onto a carrot or celery stick and call it an “egg pop.” Bonus points if you sprinkle a little of your favorite seasoning over top.

Egg Recipes for Dinner

9. Cheeseburger-Style Eggs

If you’re one of those people that puts ketchup on eggs, this is going to be your jam. It’s super easy, but a little outside the box.

10. Ham & Cheese Egg Cups

These could just as easily be served at breakfast time. However, because they’re best paired with a potato (like french fries), we think they make a solid dinner option.

11. Shakshouka (Poached Eggs in Spicy Red Sauce)

You can make your spicy tomato sauce from scratch and Shakshouka is still fairly easy to make. But, if you want to just spice up some jarred red sauce, we totally won’t tell your secret.

12. Stuffed Peppers with Baked Eggs

Remember when stuffed peppers were in the weekly rotation? Bring them back with this relatively new twist on the classic — add an egg!

13. Brussels Sprouts, Eggs and Bacon

Not a fan of brussels sprouts? Girl, we feel you. But, you already know adding bacon changes everything. In this simply delicious recipe, you not only have the addition of bacon, but you’re also adding in eggs. *chef kiss*

14. Sheet Pan Ancho Steak And Eggs (And Potatoes)

We saved the best for last, baby! This all-in-one meal requires little more than a sheet pan and serves up a delightful, protein-rich meal for the entire family. What more could a mama ask for?