Eight Month Old Baby

Your Eight Month Old Baby

Your baby is a little explorer these days. Holding something isn’t enough; he’s got to shake, bang, drop and gum everything he comes into contact with. That makes eight month the perfect time to introduce one of those baby activity centers to keep him entertained; set him up with one up outside of the shower and pretend you’re on a spa vacation. After the last couple of months you’ve had, you practically will be!

Your Eight Month Old Baby

Your baby may try to pull himself up to a standing position while holding on to furniture around now and this newfound ability means bumps, bruises and scrapes. Don’t worry too much about him; your baby is much tougher than you think.

Much like a puppy, your baby may begin to perform tricks (like throwing kisses) these days and will do anything for a laugh or applause.

Your baby may also start imitating the people around them. If he has an older brother or sister, they will become the new fascination. If there’s no sibling at home, consider joining a play group or braving the park/indoor play gym. Not only will this give your baby a great chance to learn how to socialize, it will give you an opportunity to socialize as well (or as most parents do, silently compare and judge yourself against the other moms and then use the time to check Facebook.)

ScaryMommy tip: Your baby’s favorite toys at this point are probably those which make noise. Lots of noise. Invest in a pair of ear plugs to drown out the multiple renditions of the ABCs. These toys are great for your baby’s development even though they appear to be designed as some sort of torture method for already exhausted parents.


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