Eleven Month Old Baby

Your Eleven Month Old Baby

Remember back when you had a newborn and you longed for the day he wouldn’t depend on you for every little thing? You’re going to be missing those days before long. Your baby is growing more and more independent every day, and although he can’t do everything (or, barely anything) for himself, he certainly doesn’t agree.

Your Eleven Month Old Baby

Babies this age are generally great at occupying themselves, giving you more time to get things done around the house, or catch up on social media. Warning: Quiet babies are busy babies, and the lack of noise probably means they’re destroying something. And by probably, we mean definitely.

Your baby may be walking – and then soon after – running, by now. Tentative first steps will soon result in fast steps. It seems like kids go from stumbling around to hitting olympic speeds in no time at all, so stock up on the Band-Aids; you’re going to need them.

Your baby understands simple instructions now and knows what the word no means. Unfortunately, an understanding of the world doesn’t correlate with a respect for the word. Get used to being ignored, mama!

Scary Mommy tip: Your baby is into everything these days and you can’t remember the last time you took a shower. The excuses are endless; Your baby is now too big to tie down in a carseat while you shower away all the mommy crud. He’s entirely too mobile to let run loose without supervision. You can’t do it while he’s sleeping, because the sound would wake him… The solution? Put him in the shower with you. Grab some stacking cups, sit him on the floor and wash away both of your nastiness at once. Total win/win.

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