A 2-Year-Old Ordered 31 McDonald’s Cheeseburgers Off DoorDash

This child is a hero.

A 2-year-old grinning and holding a McDonald's cheeseburger after ordering 31 of them through DoorDa...
Kelysey Burkhalter Golden / Facebook

A Texas mom got a fried surprise when a DoorDash delivery person showed up to her front door with 31 McDonald’s cheeseburgers that she did not order.

Turns out that Kelsey Golden’s 2-year-old son Barrett managed to accidentally order 31 cheeseburgers while playing with his mom’s phone.

“So I was working, I was using my phone, and sometimes whenever I'm on my computer and my phone he'll come grab the phone out of my hand. And he did," Golden told KRIS TV.

"He usually likes to take pictures of himself, and so he was doing that (...) I thought I'd locked the phone, but apparently I didn't because then DoorDash came with 31 cheeseburgers."

Her family is also in the process of moving, so things were extra hectic around the house.

Golden was initially surprised when she saw a message from DoorDash saying that her order would take longer than normal, due to its large size. Cut to a knock at the door, and there is Barrett’s surprise delivery.

Barrett ate about half of one, leaving his mom with 30 and a half cheeseburgers to spare.

"I didn't know what to do with them, he only ate half of one," Golden said. "So I posted on a community page on Facebook here in Kingsville and asked if anybody wanted some."

“I have 31 free cheeseburgers from McDonald’s if anyone is interested. Apparently my 2 yr old knows how to order doordash,” she wrote on Instagram, along with a pick of her child next to a child-sized pile of burgers.

Some folks did swing by for the free grub, while others gave tips to the cheeseburger-rich mama on how to preserve her stockpile of cheese and meat.

The total came out to $61.58. Barrett also kindly tipped $16, about 26%.

In total, the order was $91.70. But the moment of shock and awe as you realize your child could financially destroy you with a few clicks on your phone? Absolutely priceless.