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Introducing The Latest American Girl ‘Historical’ Doll: Claudie Wells!

Created in collaboration with author Brit Bennett, Claudie’s story is set during the Harlem Renaissance in 1922.

Claudie Wells is the newest American Girl doll!
American Girl

Meet Claudie Wells, the newest doll in American Girl’s historical character lineup. This week, the company unveiled the character of Claudie, created in collaboration with New York Times best-selling author and longtime American Girl doll fan Brit Bennett.

According to a press release, Claudie’s story is set in 1922 New York City during the Harlem Renaissance and “takes readers on a journey to this extraordinary moment of Black artistic joy and expression, while also deftly exploring the challenges of the times.” Claudie — surrounded by talented artists, musicians, and writers — yearns to discover her own talents while uncovering her family’s history along the way.

“My sister and I were in love with our American Girl dolls and books, especially Addy,” The Vanishing Half author Bennett said of her work with the brand. “While the doll itself was beautiful, what enchanted me was Addy’s courageous story written by the trailblazing author Connie Porter, so creating a new historical character for American Girl has been a dream come true.”

She continued, “As a girl, I always loved studying the Harlem Renaissance, an outpouring of Black artistry that emerged alongside larger struggles for equal rights. I hope readers will enjoy exploring this fascinating era through Claudie’s eyes."

Claudie Wells’ story is by Brit Bennett.

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The 18-inch Claudie doll, retailing for $115, is dressed in a woven plaid dress, thick sweater, and knee high socks with black Mary Jane shoes. Each Claudie doll is paired with a paperback Meet Claudie book, which is also available in a keepsake, hardcover edition. The book is illustrated by the award-winning Laura Freeman.

Claudie also has a special accessories bundle, priced at $36, which includes a heart-shaped necklace, a cloche hat, a journal, and an era-authentic Baby Ruth candy bar. And in addition to Claudie’s main outfit, American Girl partnered with Harlem Fashion Row to create modern takes on three 1920s looks with designer Sammy B — all sold separately for $48-$50.

Claudie Wells

Claudie Wells’ 1920s glamour looks.

American Girl
American Girl
American Girl

Claudie’s 1920s glamour looks!

American Girl

Claudie’s collection includes a few other looks, as well as a doll-sized kick scooter ($65), a plush version of her dog Dizzy Dot ($36), and an authentically-styled ‘20s bakery, Angelo’s ($295).

“The debut of Claudie Wells is a true full-circle moment for American Girl, and it all started with a tweet,” said Jamie Cygielman, General Manager of American Girl. “We’re thrilled to introduce Claudie and her vibrant life in 1920s Harlem to a whole new generation, and we’re honored to welcome Ms. Bennett to our rank of esteemed authors who inspire our readers every day and help us further our commitment to inclusive storytelling.”

Claudie joins American Girl’s historical character lineup, featuring 13 dolls including ‘90s classics Samantha Parkington, Molly McIntire and Addy Walker.

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