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Anthony Michael Hall Is Going To Be A Dad!

The 'Breakfast Club' Alum is expecting a son with fellow actor Lucia Oskerova Hall.

Actor Anthony Michael Hall (L) and actress Lucia Oskerova arrive at the Los Angeles premiere of "The...
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Everyone’s favorite ‘80s nice guy Anthony Michael Hall is going to be a first-time dad — and he seems over the moon about it.

The Breakfast Club alum announced on Valentine’s Day that he and his wife, fellow actor Lucia Oskerova Hall, are expecting a son in early summer by sharing photos and their story with People.

The black and white maternity photos features Lucia’s pregnant belly, with Anthony Michael lovingly touching it in the first picture and kissing it in the second.

"Lucia and I were at home,” Anthony told the magazine. “She surprised me by revealing that she was pregnant with an at-home pregnancy test. We were kissing, hugging, and thanking God. We immediately started dancing and laughing in our bathroom to celebrate the great news."

The couple also shared the baby’s name ahead of the birth: Michael Anthony Hall the II — his dad had to change the order of his first and middle names when he entered into the Screen Actors’ Guild in the 70s.

"My wife and I are feeling so blessed, excited and filled with joy in anticipation of our son being born this summer," he continued, noting that Lucia has been a "champ throughout the pregnancy."

"She's tending to every important detail as a proud, expectant mother-to-be. She is now six and half months along," he continues. "As a new father-to-be, I've been taking care of family business and making sure we all eat well, with a healthy diet of good foods — plenty of greens, vegetables, fresh fruit, and protein-rich food. Lucia makes great smoothies for us. And we are all getting good sleep each night."

After the announcement, the Sixteen Candles star also shared the pictures to his Instagram page with a message to his followers: “My wife Lucia and I are so blessed, happy and proud to announce on this Valentine's Day, that we are expecting our first child this summer. Thank You Heavenly Father! Sending our heartfelt thanks to our loving families & friends who are celebrating our great news with us today. Happy Valentine's Day to all!”

Oskerova also shared the pictures: “Thank you all for the beautiful heartfelt messages, texts and phone calls. Michael and I really appreciate all the love and support we are receiving from everyone. God bless you all.”

The couple, who are 54 and 32, began dating in 2016, got engaged in 2019, and were married in 2020. It’s the first child for them both.