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'Bluey' Producers Confirm They Are Taking A Break After Season 3

After three seasons and over 150 episodes, production has been paused.

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Universally loved children’s show Bluey is going on a bit of a break. After three seasons of making kids laugh, and adults uncontrollably weep, the Australian cartoon following the adventures of Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chili will go on hiatus.

The creators of the show revealed they are going to take a break from working on new episodes the very same week the series broke a record to become Australia’s most watched show ever, with an average of 11 million viewers per episode of its most recent season.

It’s all because the writers (very fairly!) want to avoid burning out

Bluey producer Daley Pearson has said that while the success of the show has been rewarding, that hasn’t come without long working days. So, they’re taking a break.

“We are just going to get our heads on a bit, it’s been four or five years and we’ve made 154 episodes, it is kind of unprecedented to do that back-to-back,” he explained in an interview with Australia’s The Courier Mail.

“It was very intense … we are just coming to the end of season three and trying to think about what’s the best way to make it better,” he added.

Pearson also took the time to dispel any rumblings that Bluey would end after the third season.

“We have all secretly agreed with each other that we wouldn’t keep making Bluey if it wasn’t as good as the one that came before, so we want to make sure we keep doing that,” he said.

“Part of it is just not pushing to come back. We are resting; the more we ask ourselves [when work will begin on season four], the longer it will be, which is why I hesitate talking about it too much,” he added.

Pearson doesn’t have any insight into when fans can expect Season 4 to premiere, but he did thank fans for all their support, noting that they do not take the love of the show lightly.

“The amount of families who have taken Bluey in and trust this show with their kids, it’s a privilege that we don’t, and have never, taken lightly … ever,” he said.

The good news for Americans is that Australia still has the three-part Season 3 finale to air at a date yet to be determined. Plus Americans are still waiting on the remaining 10 episodes of the season.

Parents and kids can agree that saying “so long” Bluey for a while will be hard, but it says so much about a show and its team that they are being intentional with the quality of product they’re putting out. We all want Bluey to continue to make us laugh and cry and touch on real issues in a heartfelt way.

Bluey is available to stream in the US on Disney+.

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