Tender moment

This Boy's Reaction To His Most Wanted Christmas Gift Will Make Your Heart Melt

Hardworking parents are the real Santa, and this wholesome moment with an emotional mom watching her son light up brought them both to tears.

Boy gets emotional opening presents when he sees his mother crying.

There’s nothing better than waking up in the early morning of Christmas Day and watching your children light up at the sight of presents under the tree. While parents understand that gifts aren’t the real meaning of Christmas, it sure does feel good to see your kid happy. One TikTok mom shared footage of her son opening his gift. When she started getting emotional over his joy, her son noticed and started to tear up, too.

“POV: You’re a low-income mommy working two jobs and barely making it,” she wrote in the video. “But you managed to make his biggest Christmas wish come true.”

The boy, who looked to be a preteen, ripped open a brand new Playstation 5, which retails from $399 to $499, depending on the edition.

“All the 15-hour work days that just seemed to drag on, all the exhaustion. Worth it,” she captioned the post.

The video quickly spread like wildfire over different social media platforms, with 10.5 million views on TikTok alone.

“That baby knows how hard you worked for that,” one Tiktoker wrote. “I started tearing up when he gave you that look and cried.. such a sweet memory🤍 great job, momma,” another wrote.

I am confident in saying that everyone, literally everyone, watching this is teary-eyed too.

While keeping up the fantasy of Santa is part of the Christmas spirit, it is difficult to spend your hard-earned money on incredibly expensive gifts only to give a fictional character the credit. This boy not only was grateful for his gift, but he understood, just from his mother’s reaction, that she made it happen.

In 2017, Scary Mommy covered a viral video of a social worker’s plea to stop crediting Santa for the expensive gifts they got, saying, “This is the second year I’ve had a parent cry to me telling me that their kid asked if they weren’t good enough or if Santa didn’t like them as much. Breaks my heart for the parents and the kids.”

The sentiment seems to still be going strong, given the sweet reaction this mom received after sharing the heart-melting moment.

“I cannot stress this enough,” social worker Megan Dunn wrote. “STOP TELLING YOUR SANTA-AGE KIDS THAT THEIR IPADS, AND IPHONES, AND 200-DOLLAR TOYS ARE FROM SANTA. CAUSE SOME FAMILIES CAN’T AFFORD THAT…Leave the less expensive gifts from Santa. Be blessed you can afford what others cannot.”

The transparency of this video is what makes it wholesome and is what tugs at everyone’s heartstrings — it’s okay to take the credit for the big gifts.