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Chris Hemsworth Let His Kid Shoot Him With A Rubber Arrow 63 Times

The Thor actor reposted a video that truly captures parenthood.

Chris Hemsworth's son shoots a water bottle off his head with an bow and arrow.

Oh, the joys of being a parent. Chris Hemsworth reshared a video he posted a year ago to remind us that, yes, being a father can be absolutely savage at times. The video showed his son, Tristan, 8, aiming and shooting a rubber bow and arrow at his dad, who was balancing a water bottle on his head.

One year later, he’s resharing the memorable moment with a hilarious message to boot.

In his original post, Hemsworth wrote, “Don’t try this at home. Took 63 shots in the back of the head before nailing it. Worth it.”

Sounds pretty much like parenthood: repetitive and sometimes painful, but if you’re lucky it pays off in the end.

Tristan is seen where a navy blue tracksuit with the top unzipped and bare chest, aiming confidently at dad, who has his back to him and watching through the camera.

“This stunt was performed by a couple [of] lunatics with complete disregard for their own safety. #fathersonbonding (don’t worry, it was a rubber arrow),” he joked.

Followers compared his skills to Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye, writing, “Instead him being the next Thor actor, he is going to be the next Hawkeye actor,” and “Call fury we found future hawkeye.”

In his repost, he honored the epic moment, saying, “1 year ago today, I took 52 arrows to the back of the head for the perfect shot. [I] love being a dad.”

He went from 63 wacks to 52 arrows, but hey, tomato, tomato.

Archery isn’t the only extreme sport the Hemsworth boys get into. The Aussie dad of three recently shared a video of him and Tristan skateboarding after an attempt to go surfing, but the conditions weren’t optimal.

“Surf went flat, no problem; the boys found some palm tree barrels and spent the day getting shacked,” he wrote in his caption.

I don't know what getting ‘shacked’ means, but I will guess it’s probably awesome.

Tristan is living his best life again, barefoot and in sweatpants, while he high-fives his dad, who is riding just behind him.

Just another day with a hot — I mean cool — superhero dad!