Getting Vulnerable

Coco Austin Breaks Down Over Feeling “Underneath A Microscope” Of Mom Shamers

She cried over how judged she feels as a mom while chatting on The Tamron Hall Show.

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These days it seems like there is no perfect mom. No matter how clean their house is or how perfect their kids behavior is — someone, somewhere will find something to critique about how mom chooses to parent and live their life. There seems to be no other celebrity mom more criticized for every move she makes than Coco Austin.

Austin — mom to Chanel, 6 — broke down in tears while talking to Tamron Hall on her talk show — The Tamron Hall Show — about the pressure to be the perfect mom while constantly being watched by the public.

She mentioned that she could do a million good things as a mom, but people will only try to point out something she did that they deemed “bad.” From bathing Chanel in a sink to putting her in a stroller, the media really goes after Austin for how she chooses to parent.

“I’m underneath a microscope all the time, and you don’t hear what good you do,” the Ice Loves Coco, 43, said in E! News’ sneak peek of the episode. “You don’t hear the goodness, you just hear a lot of bad,” she explained. “And I know I’m a good mother.”

Austin, who may present herself a bit unconventionally compared to a “normal” mom, seems to be the brunt of so much hate from the internet. However, it seems pretty apparent that she is a devoted mom who absolutely loves her kid.

Austin wishes that those who judge and shame her could see that and give her some encouragement and lift her up instead of use their keyboards to tear her down.

“Putting everything aside, my career, everything, just for her … you just want a little love, you want a little respect from people,” she said.

The vulnerable admission from Austin came after Hall showed Austin a heartwarming message from from rapper and actor Ice-T who also happens to be Austin’s husband of 20 years.

“This is a shout-out going to my wife Coco,” the 64-year-old says in the video. “You are the most incredible person I've ever met, the nicest person I've ever met, and the best mother Chanel that anyone could possibly imagine.”

“I love you to death,” the Law and Order: SUV star continued, “22 years, baby, and it gets better every day.”

After the video ends, host Hall tells Austin that Ice wanted to come by the studio and surprise her but he was stuck working.

“Oh my gosh!” Austin said, wiping away tears from her face. “That's pretty cool. That's cool.”

Austin typically is the first to clap back at the people shaming her. Even telling US Weekly back in 2021, “I have one child and one child only and I’m gonna do the damn thing when it comes to her.”

That was in response to the internet going wild after she revealed she was still breastfeeding Chanel who was five years old at the time. And though she may seem resilient to the judgement, the words get to her more than she’d let on and the kind, simple message from her husband seems to prove that.