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Fox News Is Raging Over The New “Woke Legos”

Legos recently introduced new characters with diverse backgrounds and traits (how dare they!).

Fox News ranted about the new addition to Legos that include figures with physical and mental disabi...
Fox News

First it was Disney’s decision to have Minnie Mouse switch from a dress to an adorable pantsuit that had Fox News talking heads in a tizzy. Then conservatives went ahead and pretty much obliterated the new M&Ms. Now, they’re up in arms over the new “woke” Legos.

Okay, for people who rally against “cancel culture” every chance they get, they really love cancelling things. Make it make sense, please!

Fox News dedicated an entire segment during their show — The Faulkner Focus — to rant about the new addition to Legos.

Host Harris Faulkner and her guest — Fox News radio host Jimmy Failla — ridiculed Lego for “going woke” because they decided to add figures with physical and mental disabilities in its new product line.

Yes, you heard that right! They’re so desperate for performative outrage that they’re going after a beloved toy company for having the gall to include figures that bring representation to children with physical and mental disabilities.

“Say it ain’t so,” Faulkner said on her program Wednesday. “Lego is going woke. The company unveiling a range of new characters in the effort to be more inclusive. Lego says the new characters will promote diversity and understanding.”

Promoting understanding!? Hide your children!

“Some will have anxiety issues. I don’t know how you show that,” she added, as her guest cackled. “One will have a missing limb. Another, Down syndrome.”

“These are really important issues,” she said sarcastically.

Yeah totally! Let’s focus on the issues that really matter like banning beloved books and regulating women’s bodies. Inclusion and diversity? Gross!

Fox News jumped on the opportunity to criticize Lego after the company launched its new LEGO Friends Universe this week — which also includes digital content featuring the latest generation of characters, storylines, and associated toys. The new addition includes eight new Friends who introduce an array of diverse physical and mental traits, complex emotions, and different cultural backgrounds.

You know, kind of like kids everywhere.

Fox News

“The relaunch answers a call for change that real kids desire to see in their toys and the content they watch. New characters feel, express, and acknowledge a range of emotions similar to those of today’s kids, helping them relate to and explore their mental well-being through play,” the company wrote in its announcement.

As much as Fox News wants to scoff and make fun of this new venture by Lego, their decision for the additions was based off actual kids’ opinions of what they wanted to see.

The LEGO Group conducted a nationwide survey of children ages 6 to 12 during the design process, polling the kids about their daily emotions, friendships, and toy preferences.

According to the survey, 70% want to see their toys represent emotions beyond “smiley or happy” in favor of more realistic expressions.

Faulkner and Fallia went in on the toy brand for actually trying to be inclusive and listening to how kids feel, making wild claims that adding a Lego figure that has social anxiety and a missing limb is going to make a kid vote democratic.

“It shouldn’t be going on the way it’s going on,” he ranted. “But the reason they force identity into toys is because they think identity comes with a built-in political orientation. And that’s what they’re after here. I’m not having it.”

Or maybe they just wanted children’s toys to reflect the wide array of kids who play with them? It’s a toss-up.

Then the conservative “comedian” took the opportunity to make a tasteless joke at the expense of the LGBTQ community.

“But what’s so fascinating about this story is the divide in the country,” he began. “Republicans think it is insane that they are forcing identity politics into Legos. Democrats are upset they didn’t make a drag queen stripper. They’re like, ‘You call this a children’s toy? What kind of set is this?’”

Fox News

Though conservative talking heads claim they care very much about the children of this country, they actually don’t seem to give a rip about their feelings. And according to recent studies, kids need to be listened to more than ever.

Reeling from the pandemic, parents are seeing anxiety, fear, and depression in their children at alarming rates.

A December 2022 study included more than 200,000 children seen at 38 US children’s hospitals from 2015 to 2020. Mental health emergency room visits increased by 8% annually, with 13% of patients revisiting within 6 months.

If an adorable set of new Legos could make even one kid feel better about themselves, what is the harm in that?