It's got the juice

It’s Corn! TikTok’s Corn Kid Has A Song And It’s Sincerely Extremely Catchy

Tariq went viral after being interviewed about corn on Recess Therapy, and the world can’t get over the song he just dropped.

Tariq, also known as the corn kid, has a new fantastic song following his viral corn video.
Instagram/Recess Therapy

There are many overnight viral sensations, but not many that get their own full-length song streaming for the world to enjoy. Tariq, a young boy who was interviewed last month on the popular online series, Recess Therapy, spoke so passionately about corn on the cob, his words of affirmation rippled across the social media seas to create an ongoing audio trend on TikTok and Instagram, creating millions of reels... about corn.

Recess Therapy, a YouTube Series hosted by Julian Shapiro-Barnum, describes his show as “One stressed 22-year-old in need of guidance. A playground full of untrained therapists. Little kids, big questions, free advice.” The series Instagram account has a whopping 2.3 million followers, with Tariq’s initial video accumulating over 1.7 million likes, and even celebrity names like Jhene Aiko.

In his interview, Tariq shares that when he tried corn on the cob with butter, “everything changed,” and gushed, “I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing,” before proclaiming the famed line, “It’s corn!”

When asked to describe what corn is, Tariq explained, “A big lump with knobs. It has the juice, it’s the part that mostly makes me like the corn.”

But really you have to just watch the original video yourself to capture the full magic of both Tariq and corn.

The hashtag, #itscorn, has 721 million views on TikTok alone. It caught so much attention that The Gregory Brothers, who are a musical group that create “comedy remixes” for memes and trending topics, took on the challenge of putting the corn kid to music. The four-person ensemble has been nominated for an Emmy, charted on the Billboard 100, and have even worked with celebrities like “T-Pain, Weezer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Blondie, and Weird Al Yankovic,” shared on their official website. Their latest masterpiece, though, is based on the Recess Therapy video, and of course it’s called, “It’s Corn.”

And it’s sincerely really good! You don’t even need to add butter.

The adorable series recently announced their official song is streaming on all major platforms a few days ago, sharing the story of how this song came to be on their Instagram, saying, “We're so excited to announce that, in partnership with Tariq, his family and @gregorybrothers -- we've launched "It's Corn", the official song of this crazy corntastic moment we all created together! All proceeds are being split with Tariq and his family. So, please support and give it a listen! It’s streaming everywhere💕🌽.”

“I want to speak on behalf of Tariq and say that he is just having so much fun with all of this! He’s genuinely over the moon that so many people have been sharing in the love of his absolute fav thing (corn)! So thank you for showing him that the internet CAN be a positive and loving place💕🌽,” Julian added in the comments section.

Tariq fans flooded the post with love and proclamations of support for the song, saying things like “May corn always be in season for Tariq,” and “SOOOOO happy for everyone involved and THANK YOU FOR HEALING A NATION!!! #noexaggeration 🌽.”

Song has been purchased, it has been played, and now, I am having a “corntastic” day.

You can listen to “It’s corn!” here, and then try not to have a corntastic day.