Courtney Cox Photobombs Fans Taking Pictures On The ‘Friends’ Couch

The Friends actress surprised several groups of fans, and the reactions were priceless.

Courtney Cox surprised fans by photobombing their photos on the 'Friends' couch.
NBC/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Not all photobombs ruin the picture, at least not when it's a celebrity, and especially not when it’s the star you fan-girl over. Courtney Cox shared a video on her Instagram yesterday of her surprising fans at the iconic Friends couch installation at the Warner Bros. Studios in California — and their reactions are absolutely gold.

The video begins by showing Courtney hiding behind the couch and another person, seemingly a staff member conducting the tour, offering to take pictures of the group on the couch. They posed happily and innocently, not noticing Monica spring up in the background. They are then handed their phones to take a look, and some of them really just couldn’t hold it together.

The first pair to be photobombed looked to be a mother and daughter. When the daughter was handed the phone, her jaw dropped, and she began to cry, saying, “Is this happening to us right now?”

Others gasped immediately and jumped up to look for Monica behind the couch with squeals of excitement and nervous laughter.

“It’s Monica!” one person shouted, and another gushed, “This is the coolest day of my whole life!”

The reel ended with Courtney Cox then taking a posed photo with the entire group, and it was nothing but smiles.

She captioned her post, “Don’t you hate a photo bomber?”

One of the lucky fans commented on Courtney’s share, writing, “CANNOT believe this happened still. Hugging you was one of my 2022 highlights 😭❤️ honoured to be in this compilation!” another in attendance wrote, “Feel so lucky to have met you! Thanks for doing this and still staying so connected to your fans ❤️.”

Cox played the character “Monica” in the hit series Friends, which was on the air from 1994 to 2004. The show became a staple, with reruns still available on streaming platforms, and prompted the idea to create a pop-up installation of the set for fans all over the world, and now at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA.