you need to just stop, can you just not?

This Man Has Advice For The Girl Dads Who Proudly Hate On Taylor Swift

Dads, you need to calm down.

A TikTok dad wants to help all dads who proudly express their hate for Taylor Swift, reminding them ...
Robert People / TikTok

There seems to be a subset of people (lonely men) who cannot control their emotions when pop star Taylor Swift is shown during an NFL game for 2.5 seconds. Swift attends Kansas City Chiefs games to support her boyfriend and tight end, Travis Kelce, and boy, do men have a lot to say about that!

While the dads, Brads, and Chads of the world get super emotional when Swift appears, one man has some advice for them, coming from a place of empathy.

Dad, author, and retired Army vet, Robert People, wants to help all these dads who proudly express their hate for, quite literally, the most famous person on the planet. He warns that all that grumbling on about how Swift can’t sing (wink wink) could be doing damage to their children.

“Those of you people out there, especially grown men, expressing all this nasty, ridiculous hate for Taylor Swift just for existing and supporting her boyfriend in the NFL. Keep in mind, Taylor Swift's not gonna see or hear any of that,” he began. “But you know who will? Your daughters.”

“And with all this juvenile hate you're showing Taylor Swift for simply being there, you're encouraging your daughters to shrink themselves, reduce who they are. Because if they do anything more than that if they just decide to be themselves, they're gonna get a whole lot of hate from not only the world but from people just like you — their own parents. We need to do better, straight up.”

He encourages dads to think twice before spewing hate for a woman who merely exists and has zero control over how much she is shown on television. And sure, there were some people in the comments who jumped on this aspect. However, People wasn’t having it.

“People are not calling the NFL everything in the book for showing Taylor Swift. They're getting on Taylor Swift for what the NFL has decided to do. Now people are right in the comments doing it right now,” he said.

Another user commented, “My daughter don’t listen to Taylor Swift, sorry.”

After completely missing the point of People’s first TikTok, he reiterated his thoughts on this Dads, Brads, and Chads vendetta against Swift, noting that who she is has nothing to do with it.

“What does this have to do with what I said? I don't listen to Taylor Swift. My daughter doesn't listen to Taylor Swift. So what? What does that have to do with men, mostly men, being nasty and foul and threatening all this toward Taylor Swift when they're watching football?” he asked.

“The point is, when we talk nasty about celebrities we don't like, 99% of the time those celebrities will never hear us, will never see the messages we post. But the ones who hear and see everything are our children.”

Whatever kind of hateful, sexist things are said in a home, overheard by impressionable ears, will be soaked in. People wants parents to think twice before harping on Swift during the game, whether they listen to her music or not. Swift could be anyone. People’s point has nothing to do with worrying about a child who doesn’t have the same music taste as their parent.

It’s about the words being said about her. It’s the people who say that Swift is annoying. She’s overreacting. She’s gold-digging (GET REAL!). She’s a PR stunt. She has no place in football. It’s about daughters and sons hearing those words, internalizing them, and taking them with them into the world when they’re older as a foundation for how to behave or treat others.

People concluded, “It's about how you treat another human being who's doing nothing wrong. And on top of it simply being wrong to be that foul to another human being, no matter what her status is, your children are hearing every word you are saying.” So think before you speak, dad!