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This Man Has A Message For All Those Girl Dads Who Can't Stand Seeing Taylor Swift At NFL Games

It's time to change your tune, dads, Brads, and Chads!

One man has a message for all those girl dads who just cannot seem to get on board with Taylor Swift...
@curmudge_john2.0 / TikTok

If you have been living under a rock, that’s pretty much the only way you wouldn’t know that mega superstar, Taylor Swift, has been dating Kansas City Chief tight end, Travis Kelce.

Since the two have gone public, Swift has often attended NFL games. And since she’s quite literally the most famous person on the planet, the cameras constantly cut to her cheering, dancing, and enjoying her time watching the game.

Confession: I now tune in to Kansas City Chiefs games every week to see if I can spot her. It’s true! I am one of those people (a diehard Swiftie!), but I’m sure the NFL doesn’t mind. One more viewer to up their ratings!

But you know who does mind? What Swift has called, the “dads, Brads and Chads” of the world. Y’know those guys who are tough and cool and wouldn’t even dream of listening to Taylor Swift! Ew, gross! Girl music! She doesn’t “belong” there! When she shows up on their television screen for .5 seconds, cheering from her seat, they are big mad!

One man has a message for all those dads who just cannot seem to get on board with this Taylor Swift/NFL collab — it’s time to embrace it!

“A word of advice for all the dads out there, especially all the girl dads, the dads of teenage girls,” John R. begins his viral video. “This whole thing with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. You need to embrace it. You really do. Stop fighting it. Stop being a jerk about it. Stop saying that she's a distraction. All of that. Embrace it.”

“It's gonna be good for your relationship with your daughter.”

John goes on to explain that once Swift became synonymous with Kansas City Chief’s games, his teenage daughter took up a sudden interest in the NFL, creating common ground between the two of them.

“This past Monday, I went to a playoff game in single-degree weather, sitting on a pile of snow with our feet in ice. Our toes were red when we left, but I had the time of my life with my teenage daughter at a football game,” he said while showing a picture of him and his teen daughter at the game, all smiles.

“Do you think that happens without Taylor Swift? You need to embrace it. Do it.”

After the video gained over 200k views, Swift fans and NFL fans alike thanked the girl dad for his PSA, with several dads sharing about the shift in their relationship dynamics with their daughters since Swift and Kelce began dating.

“Thank you for saying that🥰 You are an amazing dad,” one user said.

“My wife and daughter have watched more Chief games with me this year than all other years combined. Been married 16 years and my kid is 11,” another shared.

Another dad said, “My 20/17 yr old daughters now actively watch the games with me and ask questions. I’ll walk into traffic for Tayvis!!!”

“i got my brother-in-law tickets to that game for Christmas. my Swiftie niece went to her first football game with her dad freezing her everything off and they loved it ❤️💙,” one user said.

“I’m so happy it’s made something that dads and their girls can enjoy together. Dads show their daughters how they should be treated. It’s important,” another wrote.

One user noted that he was going to a San Francisco 49ers game with his daughter thanks to her sudden interest in the NFL. John chose to respond with a follow-up video, sharing that the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce relationship is about more than just girls liking football.

“It's great, right? I now have this thing that I love that I can share with the person I love more than anybody else on this planet,” he said. “And it's amazing. It's one of the coolest things in the world.”

He goes on to say that his daughter did have some interest in the game before Swift came onto the NFL scene, however, Swift “kicked it to another level because now all the girls in school, whether they were into football or not before, think it's cool to be into football.”

John confesses that he picked out that specific comment to video-reply to because they were a 49ers fan, launching into the news about Swift’s custom-made Chiefs jacket from last week that happened to be created by NFL wife, Kristin Juszczyk. Her husband, Kyle Juszczyk, is a fullback for the 49ers.

“A lot of people have been saying, ‘Look at the way that Travis Kelce treats Taylor Swift,’ and use that as an example to show your daughter how she should be treated, and they are 100% correct,” he said.

“But I wanted to highlight Kyle Juszczyk as well ... every chance he got, Kyle Juszczyk was in the comments hyping up his wife, supporting his wife. ‘My wife did that.’ And that's another example of a good dude who treats his wife the way she should be treated, who treats his wife the way I would like my daughter's husband to treat her.”

Yes! The more public examples of partners being supportive of their wives and girlfriends, stripping away that toxic masculinity, and being progressive, the better! Who had the NFL being the platform to showcase this on their 2024 bingo card? Not me, but I’m here for it!