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Mattel Releases A Super Bowl LVIII Barbie With Major Taylor Swift Vibes

But there’s one big catch.

Mattel is releasing two limited-edition Super Bowl Barbies.
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It seems like everywhere you look, people are talking about the celebrity couple of the moment, pop icon Taylor Swift and football star Travis Kelce. More little girls are becoming football fans, bulky dads, Brads, and Chads are becoming Swifties, and people are getting real hyped for Super Bowl LVIII on February 11.

How do we know that their relationship has become, like... a phenomenon? One good barometer is that Mattel has enthusiastically jumped on the bandwagon. On Tuesday, the toy giant announced that for the first time ever, they will be releasing a limited-edition Super Bowl Barbie — one for each team headed to the big game, the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

The dolls are super cute and they also have major Taylor-Swift-rooting-for-Travis-Kelce vibes, even if they are brunette (maybe for copyright reasons or something? We have no idea).

Each Barbie retails for $30 and comes dressed in a 00 team jersey, complete with little details like a novelty fan finger, eye black, and a commemorative cap. She’s also dressed in some cute capri jeans and white sneakers, topped off with two twisted braids.

There is one big catch (pun intended). Mattel will only manufacture dolls from the winning team and dolls won’t arrive on your doorstep until August. So — keep that in mind when you order. Pre-orders have started already and will continue until February 25. If you pre-order a Barbie from the losing team, you get a refund and everyone’s deepest condolences.

This is the first time ever that Barbie has dipped her tip-toe into NFL fandom, so these first two dolls have a good chance of becoming collectables.

“As football fans across the country get ready forTheBig Game, we’re thrilled to offer San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs super fans the chance to commemorate a historic win with these special collectibles...” said Lisa McKnight, Mattel’s Executive Vice President & Chief Brand Officer in a statement. “Whichever team reigns supreme on February 11th, Mattel Creations is the place to find that must-have piece of Super Bowl LVIII memorabilia worthy of any collection.”

And if Barbie (and/or Taylor Swift) isn’t your thing, Mattel is also releasing Super Bowl Little People (including an adorable Travis Kelce doll) and Super Bowl Uno Cards.