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The Denver Zoo Got Maury Povich To Announce The Paternity Of A Baby Orangutan

There's only one person who can deliver this type of news.

Maury Povich visits People Now on November 18, 2019 in New York.
Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Denver Zoo had a problem, and they found the absolute best way to solve it that involved talk show legend Maury Povich. The Zoo had recently welcomed 4-month-old orangutan Siska, but they didn’t know the paternity of the great ape. It could either be 30-year-old Berani or 16-year-old Jaya, and a DNA test was the only way to find out.

On Tuesday, the organization revealed on social media that the DNA results were in and that they would announce them the next day.

“The DNA results are in, and we're delighted to share that we now know who Siska's father is,” the caption read. “Stay tuned tomorrow for this special announcement from an extra special guest...👀 Are you Team Berani or Team Jaya?”

Who was the guest? You guessed it: the father of all paternity test results (get it?) Maury Povich.

“Fresh off receiving the Daytime Emmys Lifetime Achievement Honor, Maury Povich is here to help us announce the paternity results for Siska, our four-month-old Sumatran orangutan,” the Zoo wrote in the reveal post. “Is Siska's father thirty-year-old Berani or 16-year-old Jaya? Check out the video for the big reveal and be sure to say hi to all our Critically Endangered orangutans during your next visit to the Zoo!”

In the video, Maury did what Maury does best, all while dressed in a tux.

“We want to thank the Denver Zoo for everything they do, but this is really important,” he said, with his iconic manilla folder in hand. “When it comes to orangutan, 4-month-old Siska, Berani, you are the father!”

The video cuts to employees of the zoo clapping and cheering, as well as some adorable footage of Siska.

The Zoo also thanked Maury for being a good sport and helping out.

“Huge shoutout to @officialmauryshow for being so willing to help us share this special news,” they added. “Thank you for helping make this announcement one for the books!”

Povich hosted his daytime talk show Maury from 1991 to 2022 (yes, you read that right) and is now retired and looking amazing for an 84 year old. For many years, as any Gen X and Millennial conscious in the 90s knows, he was known best for the episodes of his show where he would conduct live paternity test reveals to fathers who were sometimes relieved, sometimes shocked, and sometimes upset.

In his personal life, Povich is the father of three himself to adult kids Susan Anne and Amy Joyce, who he shares with first wife Phyllis Minkoff ,and son Matthew Jay, whom he adopted with his current wife, Connie Chung, in 1995.

Just last week, Povich attended the Daytime Emmys, where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award.

"I know that you think he's been determining the paternity of every child in America all his life," his wife Chung said in her introduction. "But no, in his 67 freaking years in television, he's been a news reporter and a news anchor and old fashion talk show host interviewing world leaders, politicians, members of Congress, authors, movie stars and even Julia Child."