Oh, Baby, Baby!

Property Brothers’ Drew Scott And Linda Phan Just Posted An Intimate Maternity Photo Shoot

“Our anniversary will be a little different this year. Excited to begin our next chapter Lindy ❤️❤️,” wrote Scott.

Drew Scott and Linda Phan  attend the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Scott just posted an ...
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Property Brothers’ Drew Scott and Linda Phan are expecting their first child together any day now. The two threw an HGTV-worthy baby shower back in March, and the soon-to-be dad just posted photos from an intimate maternity shoot celebrating their next chapter together.

“Our anniversary will be a little different this year. Excited to begin our next chapter Lindy ❤️❤️,” Scott captioned the post. The first photo is one of Phan alone with a deep indigo sheet wrapped around her body, revealing her belly. The next one is of a shirtless Scott embracing Phan from behind as he holds her belly.

Scott and Phan first met back in 2010 during Toronto Fashion Week, where Phan was dressed up as a mmember of the “fashion police.”

"She was wearing a big cop badge and giving out tickets for 'bad fashion,'" Scott told People. "I saw her and thought, 'Oh, she's attractive!' She also had this great personality." After six years of dating, Scott popped the question with a Dr. Seuss cake and a recording of Scott singing Train’s “Marry Me.”

The couple got married in 2018 and spent two years trying to conceive. The couple opened up about their fertility journey, which included IUI and IVF treatments, in Reveal, the Scott Brothers’ online publication.

“We hadn’t decided to wait this long. We’d just never taken the steps to make it come true. We thought it would magically happen, and it didn’t. So finally, after years of “talking” about wanting kids and answering interview questions in the same rehearsed way, over and over, it was time we did something about it,” Scott writes before doing a back and forth with his wife discussing their journey.

"When it comes to IVF, I wish someone told me that there's such a supportive community," Phan says in the interview. "That was a thing I leaned into the most and I appreciate the most."

"I had no idea how many people had really rough experiences getting to finally having a baby,” Scott added. “Whether it was having to go to IVF or IUI or whatever else it might be, it was actually the more we realize a lot of people go through some pretty tough journeys as well, it actually helped to build a community of support. We wanted to be a part of that."

Congrats to the expecting couple!