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The Best Dad Ever Dresses Up With His Daughter For Harry Styles Concerts

The dad surprised his 16-year-old daughter with tickets to the singer’s two Toronto shows, and the father-daughter duo have gone viral.

Nari Rampersad surprised his 16-year-old daughter Sarita with tickets to the Harry Styles concerts i...
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Is there anything better than being surprised with Harry Styles concert tickets for your birthday? How about having your dad going all in and dress up in a cowboy hat and feathered boa with you for not one but two Love on Tour shows? That’s what happened for Sarita Rampersad, who was surprised with said tickets by her father Nari.

Fortunately, Sarita had been planning for this exact moment since she was 7, which she first became a fan of Styles and One Direction. She did not ask her dad, but rather informed him that he would be dressing up with her for the concerts, based on a Pinterest vision board she’d been building for the past nine years. According to TODAY, Sarita opted for coordinating blue and pink getups in honor of Styles’ album Fine Line “because that's the album when I finally got my dad to start listening to Harry, too.”

The two hit the thrift stores, and the coordinating outfits turned out to be a smashing success.

"She had the idea for the outfits, but I did find two pairs of pants myself," Nari told TODAY. "He did!" Sarita confirmed. The two sported cowboy hats, feather boas, matching white Doc Martens (which Nari said were “non-negotiable” to his daughter), and blue and pink flare pants and shirts over white undershirts respectively. The pair even painted their fingernails blue and pink.

"I found everything in the women's section!" the dad explained. "It fit so much better than the men's clothing! But nothing had pockets. How do you live without pockets? We had to buy a tote bag to carry my wallet and phone!" Say it again for the people in the back, Nari! Ladies. Need. Pockets.

The two made a big splash at the show and won the approval of fellow Styles fans. And they did it for a second night, somehow outdoing their first stunning ensemble.

The most meaningful thing for Sarita, though, was that her dad took an interest in her interest.

“I knew he would put in the work. He was so good," she told TODAY. "The months leading up to the concert, he was using Spotify to read the lyrics to the songs, because fans will yell at you if you get the words wrong. He was studying. Lots of my friends wouldn't do that. That's the kind of energy I want — someone to match my energy at a Harry Styles concert. That's pretty cool, because lots of kids don't get that."

But the best part? A dad got to make his daughter wildly happy and share an unforgettable time at Harry’s House together.

"Seeing her happy is just pretty much all I want," he said. "I knew Harry would put on a good show, but I was living through her. Her excitement pushed mine to a different level."